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    Archive for December, 2009

    12 30th, 2009

    This year on Christmas, amidst the usual socks and underwear that my mom, I mean Santa, always surprises me with, I received a tiny keychain-sized .


    Now personally, I’ve always hated these things. I could never figure the damn thing out and pretty much gave up on trying once I turned 9 and got hooked on Transformers and GI Joe’s.

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    Beware The Puppet Master

    Author: Jay Cataldo
    12 20th, 2009

    Some experts believe that 99% of our behavior is simply the result of conditioned responses that we have little to no control over.


    Personally, I’m not sure if I like the implications of this statement.


    I mean, we all have a few knee jerk reactions here and there, but for the most part, we’re logical, rational creatures who put a lot of thought into our decisions and actions.


    Aren’t we?

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    12 13th, 2009

    As the Tiger Woods scandal continues to gather attention, a few people have asked me how I would go about coaching him if he were my client. As a relationship coach who specializes in breakups, here’s what I’d tell this cheating Tiger…

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    12 10th, 2009

    I had an interesting coaching session the other day that I’d like to tell you about. My client (we’ll call him Steve) is a marine who returned home from Iraq earlier in the year. While overseas, one of his best friends became paralyzed from a stray bullet. Unable to deal with the emotional pain, he ended up committing suicide.

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