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Archive for April, 2010

04 20th, 2010

Q: hey Jay, I have seen some of your stuff, and it seems pretty interesting. I think that your ideas about relationships are good, but im hesitant to look for more advice from you because im not sure about you or why I should listen to anything you say.


I guess you have been a life coach for a while, but to me that doesn’t mean that you have actually helped anybody just that you’re good at marketing yourself. What i’m wondering is do you have a girlfriend, are you in a happy relationship. You say you used to be dorky, and now you are different but is that just marketing or are you really having amazing relationships?

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Q&A: I Was Betrayed!

Author: Jay Cataldo
04 17th, 2010

 Have you ever been betrayed by an ex? Hurts pretty bad doesn’t it?

The good news is, there’s a way to eliminate the pain of a betrayal and it doesn’t involve meds or years of therapy. If you’d like to learn what it is, then keep reading…

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04 15th, 2010

Q: “Hi Jay. I could really use some tools to help spotting the kinds of women who are genuinely interested in love, intimacy and friendship, as opposed to the ones who have a power-oriented or sadistic/masochistic attitude towards sex and intimacy. I’ve been involved with a few of the latter (one of whom turned out to have been an incest victim) and I do not want to go through that experience ever again. Also it seems a lot of women learn to see emotional vulnerability in men as a sign of weakness to be exploited and ridiculed.

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