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Archive for the 'Inspiration' Category

What I’ve Been Up To

Author: Jay Cataldo
04 7th, 2017

Hi all… I wanted to post another quick update so it doesn’t look like I disappeared of the face of the Earth. 🙂


Back in June of ’16, I launched my online hypnosis school, which I’ve been working on day and night for over a year. Thankfully, it’s been an incredible success and has allowed me to teach this difficult-to-learn modality to hundreds of people all over the world.


As always, I’m still coaching others one-on-one, although I’ve drastically scaled back the number of my steady clients to avoid burnout. Thankfully, things have finally calmed down a bit, so I’m ready to bring onboard a few more highly-motivated individuals. My selection process is a bit more stringent these days, as I only want people who are seriously committed to achieving their goals and dreams. But this is actually beneficial for everyone, because if we work together, you’re near-guaranteed to see incredible results.

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Another Client Loses Over 150lbs!

Author: Jay Cataldo
12 28th, 2012

life coach nyc


I wanted to share another success story that will inspire you to reach your goals in 2013. Ahmed (or Mickey as he prefers to be called by friends and family) started working with me less than two years ago. During our time together he has made some absolutely astonishing progress. I won’t bore you with all of his many accomplishments but I wanted to share his two biggest ones…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Jay Cataldo
11 23rd, 2012

To me, the spirit of Thanksgiving goes way beyond “awesome! a day off from work!”


It’s a time of reflection… of looking at your life in a different way.


For at least one day out of 365, tell that little voice in your head that’s always whining about what you don’t have and why things are so unfair to stfu…

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Another Massive Success!

Author: Jay Cataldo
01 12th, 2012



I’m very proud to share with you another incredible success story from a former client. When I started working with Peter a couple of years back, his sole focus was repairing his relationship with his ex-wife to the exclusion of everything else.  While he believed this was all he cared about, he began to realize that he was, in fact, searching for a whole lot more… Read the rest of this entry »

A Daily Dose Of Inspiration

Author: Jay Cataldo
11 20th, 2011

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with a former client who was back in town for a couple of days. Leslie’s story is pretty remarkable and I’d like to share it in the hopes it will motivate and inspire you.


Back when she came to me, Leslie was struggling through her fellowship at an NYC hospital. The daily hazing, the politics and the long, brutal hours took a serious toll on her energy and self-confidence. But to make matters worse, poor Leslie had an even bigger problem.

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500 Words Of Brilliance

Author: Jay Cataldo
03 28th, 2010 asked me to share my 17 best success tips with their readers (special thanks to my friend Sarah Ezekiel for hooking it up).


Check out the article here: 500 Words Of Brilliance

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film

Author: Jay Cataldo
01 17th, 2010
01 15th, 2010

This kid is kicking some serious ass at just 5 years old. Absolutely amazing.


A New Definition Of Genius

Author: Jay Cataldo
02 26th, 2009

This is a must watch video for all you creative types out there.  In this short talk, Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) offers up a new definition of “genius.”


I wasn’t a huge fan of the book that put her on the map (but I can see why women everywhere rave about it), yet I will say that this woman is a phenomenal story teller and really knows how to captivate an audience.


If you’ve ever tapped into your creative side and brought something to life,  this video will resonate with you.  Check it out.  It rocks.


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