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Archive for the 'Relationship Advice' Category

New Article Up on

Author: Jay Cataldo
07 13th, 2018

Hi all… It’s been a long time since I updated the blog. I’ve been super busy with my other companies but I finally have a update worth sharing. My friend Hayley Matthews from just wrote a nice article about my coaching services, so I wanted to give her a quick shoutout. She also mentions my new group coaching program for men who want to turb0charge their dating lives (set to launch very soon).

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06 19th, 2010

Hey there… yes, I know I disappeared for a while but I’ve been working VERY hard on my latest product. The good news is that it’s finally finished which means it’s time to unleash it on the world.


To make things easy, I went ahead and put together a video presentation which explains everything you’ll need to know. If you have a few extra minutes, please go check out it out:


If you’re a female who is either single OR in a relationship, you’re going to want to get your hands on this. And if you’re a guy who is currently in a relationship, I guarantee that you’ll want to get this for your girlfriend.


Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean…


P.S. Here’s a sneak peak…




04 20th, 2010

Q: hey Jay, I have seen some of your stuff, and it seems pretty interesting. I think that your ideas about relationships are good, but im hesitant to look for more advice from you because im not sure about you or why I should listen to anything you say.


I guess you have been a life coach for a while, but to me that doesn’t mean that you have actually helped anybody just that you’re good at marketing yourself. What i’m wondering is do you have a girlfriend, are you in a happy relationship. You say you used to be dorky, and now you are different but is that just marketing or are you really having amazing relationships?

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Q&A: I Was Betrayed!

Author: Jay Cataldo
04 17th, 2010

 Have you ever been betrayed by an ex? Hurts pretty bad doesn’t it?

The good news is, there’s a way to eliminate the pain of a betrayal and it doesn’t involve meds or years of therapy. If you’d like to learn what it is, then keep reading…

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04 15th, 2010

Q: “Hi Jay. I could really use some tools to help spotting the kinds of women who are genuinely interested in love, intimacy and friendship, as opposed to the ones who have a power-oriented or sadistic/masochistic attitude towards sex and intimacy. I’ve been involved with a few of the latter (one of whom turned out to have been an incest victim) and I do not want to go through that experience ever again. Also it seems a lot of women learn to see emotional vulnerability in men as a sign of weakness to be exploited and ridiculed.

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11 6th, 2009

About a week back, I put up a tweet on twitter that got everyone all riled up. I’ll admit that it was a bit controversial, even for me. It read:


“The more frustrated men I work with, the more I believe that falling in love is the biggest mistake a man can make in a relationship.”


And of course, everybody started freaking out. While I did get a few “amen brotha”s, most of the responses (from both men and women) accused me of being “crazy”, “cynical” and an all-around poor excuse for a relationship coach. lol Pretty funny actually, but I understand why everyone was so upset. I quickly followed up with this: Read the rest of this entry »

More Bad Facebook Manners

Author: Jay Cataldo
05 19th, 2009

I recently got to watch a breakup between a husband and wife unfold on Facebook which played out like a mini soap opera.  What made it especially interesting was the fact that the guy is a pickup coach, very similar to that guy Mystery from the VH1 show “The Pickup Artist.”

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One of my friends recently turned me on to the show “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan and I was instantly hooked.  I’ve learned a ton from watching this guy in action and his brand of “dog psychology” has helped me rehabilitate my younger brother’s rambunctious beagle.  But as fun as it is to modify a stubborn dog’s behavior, it was the realization that these same techniques can be applied to romantic relationships that led to all the wear and tear on my TiVo.

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