Whether you happen to be dating someone new or you’ve been with the same girl for years, it’s a good idea to break away from doing the same old boring “date stuff” and occasionally introduce something new and exciting into the mix.  To help get your creative juices flowing, this dating coach is gonna share with you one of his favorite date ideas that contains (what he considers to be) the three most important components of a quality date:

1. It’s cheap

2. There’s alcohol involved

3. You have great logistics (aka: the environment is conducive to getting sexual)

I call it: The Vaynerchuk Experience

I came up with this idea after stumbling upon the website: www.winelibrary.tv a couple of years back. The site belongs to a wine expert by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk who puts together a daily video blog about wine. Before I get into date details, I’d like to give you a little background on this social media superstar.

When they first came to the USA from Russia, Gary’s parents opened up a wine store in NJ and immediately put young Gary to work. By the time he reached his mid-twenties, Gary realized that he had amassed a lot of knowledge on the topic in addition to possessing an ability to get people pumped up about wine.

So one day, he decided to give video blogging a try. He would turn on his camcorder, taste a few different wines and offer his unique insights and suggestions. His idea was to get people interested in the wines from his shows and then have them visit his family’s website to order them (a great idea which helps eliminate the hassle of having to go from store to store to track down what you want).

After a year of pumping out daily episodes, he still didn’t have much of an audience. But sometime during his second year, the word finally got out and his audience started blowing up. Now, three years after starting his little video blog, Gary has over 80,000 viewers that tune in religiously to hear what he has to say. By sticking with his original plan and not giving up, he was able to grow his family’s store into a $50+ million dollar company through the power of online media and social networking.

Not only do I admire Gary for his persistence and dedication to becoming a maven in his field, but I really enjoy the content he puts out. His shows are extremely entertaining (you’ll just have to see for yourself) and very educational. I highly recommend his show to anyone who is even just a little bit curious about wine.

Getting back on track… Let’s say that the girl you’re dating happens to enjoy Cabernet Sauvignons. Winelibrarytv.com gives you the ability to search through the show archives by wine type, so you would go ahead and do a search for Cabernets. Next, you can watch the shows that pop up and look for a Cabernet that is either highly rated, or that sounds like something you would enjoy based on the way Gary describes the taste and complexities. Once you have a cool wine picked out, you can either try to find it locally, or you can order it online direct from Gary.

So now that you have a bottle ready to go, go ahead and pitch the date idea to your girl. I like to introduce it by saying that I have a really cool surprise for her, while setting up an arbitrary condition, i.e. “I have this awesome surprise for you but there’s a catch… I’ll only bring it over if you promise to dress up like Rainbow Brite.” This is a good way to build up her curiosity and get her excited for the date (I do this a few days in advance which usually results in your girl pestering you for more info. Don’t wuss out and ruin the surprise).

When the day arrives, I’ll scoop up my laptop and the bottle of wine and head over to her place. While I’m setting up my computer, I’ll start telling her Gary’s story – the same one I just told you. Next, I’ll ask her to go in the kitchen and grab us some glasses and a corkscrew.

Now, if you happen to be hanging out with a group of people, make sure to pour the wine in order starting with the oldest girl to the youngest girl, and then the oldest guy down to the youngest guy. This is considered the “polite” way to pour for a group. After you do this, you can tell them the following story about how this custom originated.

The funny thing is, there is nothing polite about this custom at all. Back in the day (love this phrase lol), royal families had to constantly worry about their enemies using poison to kill them off. And since the most common way to do this was with liquids, they were forced to take a few precautions.

One of these entailed having the women in the room taste whatever the family was drinking before the men did, starting with the oldest woman and moving on down to the youngest. Then, they would start with the oldest man and go down to the youngest child. They essentially went in order starting with the least important member of the family (“important” in terms of being able to contribute to the family lineage).

So if the wine was poisoned, poor granny would float up to the magical bingo room in the sky before the youngest of the males brought the cup to his lips, saving little Junior from imminent death. Rejoice! (yes, I’m aware that this is absolutely horrible. I’m ashamed of myself for even bringing it up. Bad, bad person am I.)

While this story makes you seem intelligent and cultured (ok, maybe not so much), you should refrain from repeating what you’ve just read if your date’s grandmother is the designated chaperone for the evening. (I’ve made this mistake a few times. Whoops. )

Getting back on track, it’s actually a lot of fun to watch these episodes while tasting the wine along with Gary. This is a great way for you and your girl to learn about wine together and anyone else who is hanging out with you (friends, roommates, etc.) will enjoy the experience as well. It gets everyone involved, having fun and most importantly, drinking alcohol. 🙂

The other cool thing is, if your girl enjoys the experience, you can easily do this a few times a month, since Gary puts out a new show everyday. And since he occasional talks about which wines he’ll be tasting in advance (he calls them “mystery packs”), you can buy them before the show comes out and have a fresh experience as you taste the wines along with Gary.

The best part is, you now have a great reason to cuddle up next to your girl on the couch without having to go the night-at-home-with-Netflix route. Interactive wine tasting sure beats the snot out of watching “Twilight” for the sixth-billionth time (sorry ladies).

Also, in case you aren’t aware, the stage will be perfectly set for sex. But before you bust out your player moves, I recommend that you wait until everyone else in the room takes off… or at least passes out. 😛

Of course, if you wield a mighty pimp hand, you can ignore this bit of advice and even go one step further by asking your date’s sister to join in, but I can tell you from experience that drunken date + hitting on the sister = corkscrew in the eye.

But if you have a good insurance plan, by all means, give it a go and report back. I promise to come visit you in the hospital.

Till next time…

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Make it happen,

-Jay Cataldo