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Rubik’s Cubin For Love And Money

This year on Christmas, amidst the usual socks and underwear that my mom, I mean Santa, always surprises me with, I received a tiny keychain-sized .


Now personally, I’ve always hated these things. I could never figure the damn thing out and pretty much gave up on trying once I turned 9 and got hooked on Transformers and GI Joe’s.


So anyways, I was chatting with a very special person in my life on Christmas evening and mentioned my new present to her. She quickly took that as an opportunity to challenge me.


“My brother is the Rubik’s cube master. He can solve it in like ten seconds. How about you?”


I sadly informed her that my Rubik’s skills were pretty pathetic. She shot back, “Well, it would be really sexy if you could solve it. It would totally turn me on.”


Thankfully, I’m not one to judge a person by their strange  because I would have been too busy laughing to see the deeper opportunity here.


I said, “Well, let’s say I solved this thing right in front of you over webcam. Would you buy a plane ticket and fly out to see me?”


Knowing full well that my efforts would result in a guaranteed FAIL, she replied, “Absolutely.”


“Awesome. Give me two days to practice.”


And so my mission began. An easy one too, I figured, since there had to be some secret algorithm for solving the cube in ten seconds that I could look up online and memorize. All I had to do was spend twenty minutes learning the sequence and my little sweetie would be forced to pony up all her Christmas money to come out to NYC.


Of course, I could have gotten the same result by throwing the stupid thing in the garbage and buying her a plane ticket, but I was on a mission.


It’s always about the mission.


So I began googling like crazy in hopes of discovering my top secret algorithm. Luckily for me, Rubik’s cube algorithms were plentiful. Unfortunately, they were all ridiculously complicated.


“Complicated,” meaning I couldn’t get past the first step and was feeling dumber by the second.




But right before I prematurely threw in the towel, I remembered the mission. I asked myself, “Would pull out of the jungle before completely laying waste to the entire continent?”


HELL fricken no.


I quickly sat back down, pulled up the most user-friendly Rubik’s guide I could find, and started messing with the thing. Now, at the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I have to tell you… after spending a good three hours on it, I realized I was having serious trouble memorizing all the steps.


I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this. Not in two days. Probably not ever.”


Double crap.


But each time I was about to give up, I remembered the mission and picked up the godforsaken object yet again. Even after throwing it out the window and into my neighbors pool, I strapped on my scuba gear and dove down to retrieve it.


I even contemplated wearing it around my neck like I’m .


But then two agonizing days later, I realized that I could finally solve the stupid thing in less than 8 minutes. How the heck did that happen?


It didn’t matter. Since victory was now imminent, I quickly set up a skype date and put my magnificence on display for my little sweetie. She purred like a kitten as I swiftly demolished my inanimate opponent.


Damage assessment: Total.




Looking back, while I technically wasted two days of my life on an essentially meaningless pursuit, the cute text message I received afterwards from Miss Hot-For-Cubin made it all worthwhile.


“u are SUCH a sexy Rubik’s-Cube Solver! The way you use your quick, nimble hands turns me on. ; )”


(cue cheesy 80’s porno music)


Ok, so yes this is kind of a silly story, but never fear because there’s a lesson here somewhere.


How many times have we convinced ourselves that our efforts were doomed to failure?


“I’m not good enough to make the soccer team.” “I’m not smart enough to learn a second language.” “I’m not confident enough to chat up a beautiful girl.”


Don’t we have enough obstacles in our path already? Do we really need to create more limitations?


Are you familiar with the phrase, “We tend to walk through the doors of our expectations”?


This simply means that our beliefs govern our reality. If we convince ourselves that failure is inevitable, we’ll inevitably fail.


But if we convince ourselves that we’ll find a way to emerge victorious, victory will soon be ours.


Our self-talk is VERY powerful. Start paying attention to the things you say to yourself and you might be surprised to find you’re carrying around a 100 gallon drum full of negativity.


Many of us would never allow another human being to speak to us in the chastising, scornful tone we typically use on ourselves. But when that voice comes from inside our defenses, most of the time we don’t question it. We just accept it.


So what would happen if we started to speak to ourselves with respect and compassion? Maybe replace “you suck huge donkey balls” with “oh my god… you are SO friggin cool!” and see what happens over the long run.


Just a thought.


Getting back to exploding your magnificence, after convincing yourself that you CAN do something easily and effortlessly, it helps to turn it into a mission where you’ll receive a big payoff once you achieve victory. In this case, the prize was having a stunningly beautiful girl dumped on my doorstep – definitely worth two days of aggravation.


And finally, in case you weren’t aware, our brain’s plasticity leaves us vulnerable to premature  if we allow our brain maps to atrophy due to lack of use.


In other words, just like how we’ll lose tone and definition if we stop going to the gym, we can actually get stoopider™ if we avoid bench pressing quadratic equations with our mental muscles.


So use it or lose it.


Crossword puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, , etc. These are all great ways to keep your brain in tip-top shape. I recommend you set aside at least ten minutes a day to inject 400cc’s of Anadrol 50 into your frontal lobe.


Well, not really, but you know what I mean, right? 🙂


If you’re up for it, why don’t you take the Rubik’s cube challenge? I can’t promise that a sexy girl in a Mrs. Claus costume will ring your doorbell, but you can brag to your heart’s content in the comments section below.


Here’s the algorithm that I used:  To get the last two steps, enter this email address into the box on the bottom right of the page:


See if you can memorize the full sequence in less than two days. If you can, be sure to come back here and throw it in my face. Now go complete your mission.


Warning and Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor, so please consult your physical before injecting anabolic steroids into your cranium. That is all.


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P.P.S. To sign up for my “Year Of The Tiger Challenge” and a chance to win $1,200, go here now: YEAR OF THE TIGER CHALLENGE


Make it happen,


-Jay Cataldo

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    Excellent work. You have gained a new subscriber. Please keep up the good work. 🙂

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    This is one of the most creative posts I have ever seen. Nice job. 🙂

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    Like your blog 🙂 I’ll check your site later again.

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    Awesome I adore most of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I will definately be visiting again!

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    I love your site and marketing strategy.

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    Whenever I feel down I love to read blogs like yours, it makes issues a bit more bright and some hope that not just about all in this world tend to be evil and terror, keep up cheering all of us up, I understand for one, which i will follow your posts in every way I can, great site you got going!

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