Limitless Home Study Course


Have you ever asked yourself this question? I certainly have since I’ve been let down MANY times in the past.


I bring this up because I have an incredible gift for you today that’s (you guessed it) absolutely free. So please put your skepticism about “free” products aside because if you’re looking to make some major life changes then you’re going to find it extremely valuable.


Here’s the backstory…


A few weeks ago, my good friend Brian asked if he could interview me for one of his new products. Brian’s a fellow dating coach and a really great guy so of course I said yes. His idea was to pick my brain about my home study course “Limitless” and hook his audience up with some great tips on creating a happier and more exciting life.


So we got on the phone and started doing our thing. We ended up having so much fun that we went WAY over the scheduled time (I think we spoke for two and a half hours).


But the problem was, we barely scratched the surface of what I wanted to cover.


So we decided to do a second call. And then a third. And by the time we finished up, we had discussed every topic I cover in Limitless and were sitting on 7 hours of straight content. In fact, I estimate that I gave away about 30% of what’s covered in my course (and considering Limitless takes over 3 months to get through, that’s a TON of content).


Now our first impulse was to sell these recordings as a stand-alone product. But then we decided to hook everyone up on our e-mail lists by giving them away for free. Good karma and all that.


But please don’t get the wrong idea…


I know most “free” products are usually pretty crappy. But trust me on this, you’re going to get an INSANE amount of value from these interviews. Like I said, we touched on all 6 topics covered in Limitless:


Time Management
Stress Management
Mind Programming


And what’s really cool is that, while both men and women will benefit from this material, Brian tied everything we discussed back to dating and relationships. So the guys listening will get the added bonus of some really great dating and seduction tips, as well.


And ladies, don’t let this put you off. Brian is the furthest thing from one of those sleazy pickup artists you’re familiar with. He’s one of the most caring and compassionate guys I know and one of the few people from the “pickup” community who I trust and respect. All of his advice for dealing with women comes straight from the heart and I think you’ll be impressed by what he has to say.


Now here’s the part where I’m supposed to give you a pitch for my products and try to upsell you to something ridiculously expensive.


I mean, you’re getting a killer product totally free so of course you’re wondering… what’s the catch?


Well, quite frankly, there isn’t one. You don’t have to opt-in, answer a survey or anything of the sort. All you have to do is click the links below to download each part (3 recordings in total).


And again, while I’m not asking for anything in return, I always appreciate your feedback. If you find the recordings helpful, then please shoot me an email and let me know.


And if you thought they absolutely sucked, then let me know how much you hate me for wasting your time. 😉


P.S. It will become VERY apparent from the recordings that Brian’s from the west coast and I’m from the east coast (New York, to be exact). He comes off super chill and laid back while I speak like a frantic basket case who just gulped down 4 pots of coffee. It’s a rather interesting dynamic that you might find a little funny.

Call #1:  At 29:33 in, you’re going to learn my most powerful technique for eliminating negative emotions. Make sure you use this because it works!


Call #2: You’re going to learn the God Technique, the Sponge Bob Technique and the fastest way to overcome procrastination.


Call #3:  We wrap things up by discussing the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress.  You’ll also learn the REAL reason your brain creates stress and the fastest way to neutralize this behavior.


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