Q: hey Jay, I have seen some of your stuff, and it seems pretty interesting. I think that your ideas about relationships are good, but im hesitant to look for more advice from you because im not sure about you or why I should listen to anything you say.


I guess you have been a life coach for a while, but to me that doesn’t mean that you have actually helped anybody just that you’re good at marketing yourself. What i’m wondering is do you have a girlfriend, are you in a happy relationship. You say you used to be dorky, and now you are different but is that just marketing or are you really having amazing relationships?


If you really are talented at helping others and you aren’t in a relationship that’s just fine, im just wondering do you really have skills for helping people’s relationships and do you have any couples that have any testimony to this? –A.D.


A: Hey there. Thanks for writing in. First of all, I’ll be the first to tell you that you should NOT blindly listen to anything I, or anyone else has to say. First, you should look over the information. Next, you should ask yourself if there’s a possibility that it might be beneficial to you in some way. Finally, you should go test it out and decide for yourself if it’s useful or if it should be ignored.


And yes, just because I claim to be a life coach doesn’t mean I’ve helped anyone. I mean, all the testimonials on my site are from real people, but who’s to say I didn’t fabricate them? And even if I was able to prove that I’ve helped millions of people, so what? All that matters is that YOU get your desired result. So again, I recommend that you forget about everybody else, test everything out on your own, and decide for yourself whether I know what I’m talking about, OR if I’m full of crap. And if you really feel there’s nothing at all you can learn from me, you can always click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. 😉


And as far as my relationship status goes, I’m not currently in a committed relationship but I am dating some amazing women. The fact that I work 14 hours a day makes it difficult to settle down right down. But committed relationship or not, I can tell you that the women I date treat me the way every guy dreams of being treated. And if you study my strategies, you can easily replicate my lifestyle.


P.S. While I tend to work one-on-one and rarely do couple’s counseling, if you google my name you’ll come across a video of a couple publicly thanking me for helping to salvage their relationship. It’s funny because the girl is Japanese and doesn’t speak any English.


P.P.S. And although I like to keep my personal life as private as possible, followers of my facebook and twitter pages get a tiny peek behind the scenes.


Make it happen,


-Jay Cataldo