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Dating Coach Gets Dumped On Valentine’s Day

If you were following my rants and raves last year around this time, then you’re well aware of how much I dislike the pseudo-holiday known as Valentine’s Day. Sure, I could go on and on and rehash my gripes but my perspective hasn’t changed one bit since last year. What HAS changed, however, is the fact that I’m currently in a relationship and my girlfriend doesn’t exactly share my sentiments. So it’s safe to assume that today… the sh*t is about to hit the fan.


You see, I’ve tried for a year to convince my girl of the brilliance of my anti-valentine’s day stance… with varying degrees of success. Ok fine, I failed miserably. It seems there’s no way to overcome the many years of cultural influence (ahem… brainwashing) that has polluted my poor girl’s mind.


But still… I refuse to give in. There will be no flowers, cards, teddy bears, chocolates or gifts of any kind today. At least not from me. Let the orbiters and fan-boys fill her v-day stocking to the brim with trinkets and toys but I refuse to budge out of principle. Because someone, somewhere said that all we have are our principles. (I’m guessing he must also have been a stubborn bastard. I salute you, principle guy.)


So the question is… will mi amour accept her teddy-less fate and acquiesceto my v-day abstinence or will she unhesitatingly toss me on my ass like yesterday’s garbage? Stay tuned for the potentially shocking conclusion. In the meantime, feel free to weigh in below. Ladies, where exactly do I rank on the jerk-o-meter?


To get you in the right spirit, here is a nice little collection of Valentine’s Day Fails:


P.S. And if you happened to be living on the moon last year and you still don’t understand why Cupid should be disemboweled, check out these earlier posts from my deranged mind and get with the program:



8 Responses to “Dating Coach Gets Dumped On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Hey Jay

    You can’t win out with some people when it comes to a life time of brainwashing and women’s general desire to “fit in” with the crowd.

    But you’ve got to stand on your principles, the moment you take such a strong stance on something and then back peddle… she would for sure lose a lot of respect for you and you’d eventually lose her anyways.

    How about this? Last year I took a female friend out for V-day, not because I care about it at all but because I knew it was something she cared about. Today, she gets to take ME out. It’s a wash and in the end it’s not really an important factor in what type of person she is.

    While I agree V-Day is over-rated marketing BS…. there are just so many more important things I would choose to take a stance for. Like no lying or treating others poorly.

    For me, I refuse to celebrate X-mas… talk about being a buzz-kill for most people and fighting mass brainwashing!!! This is bascially a month long pagan holiday!

  2. Missy Says:

    I think that in the start of a relationship everyone wants to feel loved & special, but you should make each other feel that was as often as possible, not just when the calendar tells you to. But I do think for the first vday, depending how long you have been together it’s nice to do something special but it doesnt have to be a 5 star restaurant & a bottle of Dom. Not sure about nothing, maybe an e-card?

  3. Carl Says:

    Jay, you have every right to feel as you do about Valentine’s Day! I strongly feel that it’s a B.S. “holiday” that has no correlation to how people truly feel about each other. Today, I walked over to a friend’s job and gave her flowers and Godiva chocolates — she was blown away. On Friday night, she took me to my favorite Thai restaurant, Woon Dee Siam II, on Ninth Avenue & West 54th Street. After dinner, we walked around in the Theater District, then watched the skaters at Rockefeller Center. I didn’t have to spend a dime all night, but made up for it today.
    The problem with some women and these holidays is that they should always receive, but never give. We don’t have to buy things for each other or treat each other to dinners and plays, but when one party does, so should the other. If both parties agree to skip Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with that. The problems arise when men and women adopt a sense of “entitlement”. Being treated well is something that shouldn’t require a “holiday” to facilitate. We should treat each other well and decently all year long.

  4. Jess Says:

    Well, here in Japan… Girls have to give guys chocolate on valentines day… And guys just get showered with chocolate from female co workers and friends.

    Awesome day to me… I just recieve!

    I feel bad for all the guys that feel like they need to butter up their princesses from a servant perspective… But I’m still not at the “hate the holidays” level that jay is… I still buy Christmas presents for my girl…

    Jay. I gotta say that your probably right. But I give my girl a present as her reward for being a good girl, just like parents taught alibis us.

    So I feel I give the present from a place of power, not like I’m trying to buy her love.

    Anyway… Always happy to see new posts! Keep em coming!


  5. Jay Cataldo Says:

    Jesse: Damn, I boycotted the wrong day. I could save so much more cashola on Xmas. Very true about the pagan holiday part but I see nothing wrong with worshiping the sun. I mean, the sun’s done a lot more for me than Obama. 😉 And I love that you called me out. Yes, it’s varry stoopit of me to take a stand on something so meaningless when there’s starving kids in China and all that, but you know how much I love to irritate people. 😀

    Missy-poo: We had our first v-day last year when we were in our “iffy” stage and it was too soon to spring my v-day abstinence routine on her. This year, she gets to celebrate a much cooler holiday that we created together. But was she a little pissed on Monday? Absolutely. (spanish blood boils rapidly) But that’s just something you need to put up with when you date a stinky jerk-face like myself.

    Carl: Amen, my man. It’s gotta be a two-way street – the princess mentality needs to go. Hmmm… maybe I should take a stand against that, instead. I’ll put up some anti-princess flyers in Union Square and start a revolution. Btw, you gotta check out MY fav thai place. Rhong-Tiam on 23rd btwn park and broadway. Organic veggies and chicken and grass-fed beef! You aint gonna find that anywhere else in Manhattan. But I will check out Woon Dee for sure.

    Jesse In Japan: 2 words. Lucky Bastard. lol I’m super jealous. And this: “I give my girl a present as her reward for being a good girl” is pure gold. Love it. (Anyone who needs help winning their ex back should check out Jesse’s site

    Jesse, Missy, Carl and Jesse, thanks for adding your 2 cents and I hope you’re all doing well. I love hearing from everyone even though I disappear for months at a time without a trace. Sometimes my man cave calls. Love you guys.

  6. Carl Says:

    Jay, you really should start a campaign against women who act like princesses. I think the problem is worse in big cities, especially New York. Another spin-off would be to examine the growing trend of American men seeking wives abroad and how it ties in with the American perspective on romantic courtship.
    I swear by Woondee Siam, but will definitely check out your spot, Jay. God Bless.

  7. michelle Says:

    Okay Jay,

    I’m biased because my birthday falls the day before valentine’s day. But honestly I don’t really ‘get’ the hoopla. I would much rather have a great guy who consistently acts like a great guy on a daily basis; showing kindess, respect, support, appreciation, affection and humor than have someone buy me anything on valentine’s day…period. End of story. I want a great relationship, with a great guy; who loves me and knows how to show it…on any given day. That means more to me that anything that could ‘materialize’ on valentine’s day, christmas or my birthday. That being said, I wouldn’t ever be opposed to be gifted a winning lottery ticket 😉

  8. Carl Says:

    Well said, April! If only more people thought like you…

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