Bring me your biggest challenge so I can help you conquer it... FAST!


Jay Cataldo is NYC’s top transformational coach who specializes in solving “impossible problems” and helping his clients create their ideal lifestyles.

Since 2008, Jay has been using his “Mind Design™” methodology to transform the lives of hundreds of people (of all ages and ethnicities) all over the world. He’s been called a “brilliant change artist,” a “master of stress reduction”  and “the best kept secret of New York City’s high-level performers.”

While he’s best known for helping men attract amazing women and build lasting relationships, Jay can help you reprogram your mind and eliminate any emotional issue that’s holding you back (from a lack of confidence to chronic stress & anxiety). You’ll learn “Zen-Like Emotional Control” and develop laser-sharp focus and discipline. Jay’s unorthodox approach to coaching ensures powerful, deep-level changes that quickly become noticeable, both to you and those who know you best.

So if you’re struggling with an “impossible” challenge, then go ahead and request your complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session with Jay, but only if you’re ready to obliterate the obstacles in your path and design a life that brings you the deep satisfaction and bliss you’ve been searching for.

Request Your Free 1-on-1 Strategy Session With Jay

“The best way for me to prove to you that I can help you is to show you personally. So let’s hop on a call and start tackling your biggest problem together. You’ll feel all your stress melt away as we create a customized roadmap for reaching your #1 goal. This is my gift to you. 

As another free gift, I’ll also send you a free downloadable coaching lesson that shares my top tips and strategies for creating TRUE happiness in your life. Enter your info below and I’ll send it right over.”

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    "Every successful person has had at least one trusted coach or mentor in their corner, guiding them every step of way. Now it's your turn."


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