“I don’t have a lot of time. Quick! Who are you and why should I care?”

You shouldn’t care… unless you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to solve a major problem and on the verge of losing hope. Because I’m the guy you call when nothing else has worked and you’re about to give up forever.

“Fair enough. Tell me about this Jay Cataldo guy and what he can do for me.”

Here’s the short version of my story (I’ll tell you the long one over coffee, one day):

Back in my late teens, a painful breakup coupled with a severe illness wiped out my confidence, along with all hope of a happy future. I tried to pull through it as best I could, but just a few years later, I ended up losing every dime I had in a bad business venture. At this point, I was left with crippling anxiety, an empty bank account, and a complete lack of hope for my future.

I locked myself in my bedroom for an entire year, wallowing in remorse and self-pity. But one day I finally snapped out of it and decided to face my problems, head-on, as terrified as I was.

Over the next 20 years, I sought out the world’s most inspirational teachers while learning everything I thought would make me a better person. I studied social/relationship dynamics, persuasion strategies, productivity hacks, health/nutrition advice, and everything else under the sun.

I learned how to write reasonably well (my first book, “Get Your Girl Back,” was published in 2008), how to confidently speak to a large audience (I now teach workshops across the county), and how to be attractive to beautiful women who could add real value and joy to my life (I’m now best known for helping men and women create amazing relationships).

Throughout my journey, I exposed myself to multiple life paths, from the narcissistic hedonism of the NYC party scene, to a life of contribution and service to those in need. I’ve had multiple victories and numerous crushing defeats, all of which eventually led me to true purpose on this planet: helping others tap into their unlimited potential and eradicate their deep inner pain and debilitating fears.

In essence, after completely reinventing myself, I’m now able to pass on the secrets I’ve discovered to people like yourself, saving you DECADES of wasted time and effort.

You can choose to read hundreds of books, watch thousands of hours of videos, and attend dozens of workshops a year, or just simply work with me and get all the shortcuts, as I break down numerous success skill-sets and install them quickly and deeply into your mental operating system, essentially reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.

I’ll be teaching you everything you’ll need to transform your life in any area you desire, be it relationships, health, finances, your social life, or anything else, so you can ultimately achieve the overall life happiness and satisfaction you’ve been searching for.

The bottom line is this: your personal happiness is literally PRICELESS. You deserve to wake up every day EXCITED about your life and the adventures that await you. And it’s my job to help you tap into a never-ending stream of happiness and joy that propels you even faster towards your goals (while you enjoy every minute of the journey).

“That sounds pretty good, but why should I believe you? I’ve heard that most ‘life coaches’ call themselves an ‘expert’ after attending one weekend workshop. What are your credentials, exactly?”

Yes, anybody can pretend to be an expert-level change-artist. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I’ve been deep in the trenches for over a decade, transforming the lives of hundreds of people (of all ages and ethnicities) all over the world. I also run an online school for other coaches and therapists which teaches my transformational protocols.

My proudest moments are when I help my clients achieve “impossible” dreams, such as starting their own business or losing over 100 lbs. I’ve also helped so many people get married that I’ve lost count.

And one thing I’ve learned from being in the trenches with people working towards their biggest dreams is that ANYTHING is possible. That soul-crushing “impossible-to-solve” problem you’ve been struggling with has a hidden solution that’s waiting to be discovered. Let’s go solve it together.

“But where are all your fancy-schmancy certificates? And did you ever study with that one SUPER GURU who lives up on a mountain top?”

I’ve studied with dozens of teachers and trainers over the last 20 years and have certificates up the wazoo. But I don’t believe in “credentials” or bragging about my accomplishments.

The bottom line is that all of my certificates are just fancy pieces of paper. My REAL credentials are the success stories that my clients share with their families and friends.

And really, the only thing that truly matters is this: Can I help YOU, personally? So let’s hop on a call and make some magic happen.

(But if you’re curious, you can see what my clients have to say about me HERE>> Happy Clients )

“Well, how exactly will you be helping me? What is your exact methodology?

Great question. My process involves creating a customized coaching program for you based on the specific goals you’d like to achieve. You’ll tell me exactly what you want, and I’ll figure out a way to help you get it. But most of our sessions will look like this:

Each time we speak, I’ll be breaking down your limiting beliefs and showing you the untapped potential inside yourself that you misplaced as a child. You’ll be laughing the whole time, as insight after insight shatters your old viewpoints and forces you to visualize a bright, shiny future… perhaps for the first time in your life, as you start to think, “Wow… this is really possible for me.”

As we continue to work together, your self-imposed limitations will drop away as you start looking at the world from an expansive new vantage point. You’ll start walking a path of uninhibited freedom and choice, which inevitably leads you to a place of deep satisfaction and inner peace.

I’ll show you the shortcuts to achieving the happiness and bliss you’ve been searching for, while getting everything else you’ve ever wanted out of life.

Imagine a life with no limits or restrictions, with a paved pathway to getting exactly what you want. As we walk down this path together, people who have known you for years will be SHOCKED, as the changes become noticeable in every area of your life. Many will start coming to you for advice and guidance.

If you’re willing to put some work in and be open to changing your mindsets and unhelpful habits, then all of this is within your reach.

Now, I can’t describe how I’ll actually do all this, since my process is completely different than anything else you’ve seen. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

“Sounds like B.S. to me. Use plain English.”

You’re killing me.

Here are the 3 most important things we’ll be working on:

1. I’ll be helping you eliminate your emotional pain (anxiety, frustration, etc.) and access states of confidence and inner peace on command, so you can more easily blast through your biggest challenges.

2. I’ll be helping you adopt a champion’s mindset by dismantling any limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions buried in your subconscious mind.

3. I’ll be teaching you the exact tools and strategies you’ll need to achieve your goals, whether you want to find an amazing life partner, overcome emotional issues (like social anxiety or deep-rooted insecurities), or create a whole new lifestyle for yourself.

These 3 components are the foundation of my “Mind Design Method™.”

“Sounds reasonable. I might be slightly interested in learning more. What’s the next step?”

The next step is finding out if we’re a good fit. Fill out the form below and my assistant will get you on the calendar for your complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session, with yours truly.

The breakdown:

We’re going to hop on a call together so I can troubleshoot your current challenges. I’ll help you as best as I can on your call, and if we both feel that additional coaching would be extremely helpful, we can discuss the next steps at that time. I can only decide to take you on as a client after I’ve spent some time with you (so I can be 99% sure I can help you).

And if we’re not a solid match, I’ll happily refer you to another coach or send you some resources that can help you reach your goals.

“A free coaching call? What’s the catch?”

The reason I’m not charging you for your call is simple: I don’t know of any other way to prove to you that I can help you.

So now I’m going to show you, personally… and then you’ll be able to decide for yourself. So get ready for some voodoo magic that’ll make your head spin (literally… like Beetlejuice).

P.S. If you’ve read this far, then deserve to know some things about me that I rarely share with anyone.

People who know me, know how secretive I am. In fact, I’m guessing this is your first visit to my site and the first time you’ve ever heard my name.

I’ve joked for years that I’m NYC’s best-kept secret. But there’s a lot of truth to this. And it’s all by design.

I’ve turned down many opportunities to promote myself on a wider scale (including TV shows) just so I could maintain some level of anonymity.

The fact that I’ve been able to build a successful coaching company while also remaining relatively unknown in my industry is rather remarkable, if I do say so myself.

But all this secretiveness comes with a downside. In the current social media “age of the ego,” modesty and humility are valued less than ever before.

On top of that, people want to know why they should trust me to help them. And I don’t blame them.

Here’s the simple answer: I’ve had quite an amazing life and I’ve achieved many of the things my clients are looking for help with.

As a kid, I was short, skinny, and painfully shy with serious health problems and low self-esteem. I was never destined to have a great life.

So I invested a massive amount of time and energy into transforming myself from the inside-out.

I created a business that’s allowed me the ultimate freedom to do whatever I want for over a decade, without having to answer to anyone. I’m healthy, happy, and have very little stress in my life. I’ve dated plenty of beautiful women, I have great friends all over the world, incredible smart and successful people seek me out for advice, and I’ve conquered most of my personal challenges (like crippling social anxiety, low self-esteem, poor social skills, and even cancer).

I’ve also had plenty of failures and crushing negative experiences. I’ve suffered through tremendous heartache, went through bankruptcy at 21 (due to a sociopathic business partner and poor decision making on my part), experienced crushing depression, had a major illness in my teens (which resulted in severe hearing loss), and plenty of near-death experiences.

I’ve bounced back from failure and chaos so many times, I can write another book about it. And throughout all these experiences, I’ve gained some valuable skills and abilities.

In fact, I truly believe my core purpose in life is to help others overcome the same issues that I went through. And I’m VERY good at teaching what I know and getting my clients to take decisive action.

Since 2008 I’ve coached hundreds of people all over the world, helping them completely transform their lives. Many of my clients went on to become incredibly successful in many areas, and they’ve taught me just as much as I’ve taught them.

When I’m not working, I’m busy with my current hobbies: lifting weights, salsa dancing, martial arts, meditation, photography, public speaking, and finding ways to give back to the community. I’ve also been involved in multiple side projects and business ventures over the years, some of which I can discuss but most are hush-hush.

P.P.S. Believe it or not, I also have my fair share of flaws (shocking, I know).

As an obsessive workaholic who mostly works from home, I’ve turned into an anti-social hermit. While I can be extremely extroverted when I need to be, I’m an introvert at my core so I need to plenty of alone time to recharge my batteries. This leads to long stretches of very little human contact.

When I’m not working with my clients, I’m a bit neurotic about pushing myself to learn new things (which leaves me little time to spend with friends and family), I don’t follow the trends of current music or television, I rarely use social media, I don’t drink or use drugs (my party days are over), and I have a bad habit of cursing way too much (sorry Mom).

P.P.P.S. And now it’s your turn to take advantage of everything I’ve learned.

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