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The Original Spiderman

Sharing A Little Happiness

I’m not a fan of coca-cola (or soda in general) by any means, but this is brilliant advertising. How can you link extreme excitement to your own product or service?    

Climbing Can Be Dangerous

Never Ending Rooster


The Fastest Way to Make Money With Your Lovin

As a writer, I’m always looking for ways to pump out interesting content as quickly as possible. Since I sometimes have a tendency to slack, having a set of productivity tools at my disposal comes in handy when the ideas just don’t seem to be flowing.  …

It’s Not Me… They’re All Crazy!!!

Let’s face it. Women are completely insane… at least from a man’s point of view. What guy wouldn’t agree that it’s easier to solve a Rubik’s cube in the midst of an acid trip than to decipher even a single sentence’s worth of undertones coming from the mouth of a female?…

Facebook Manners

Everyone could use a lesson in Facebook etiquette.   (If you like this video, please join my mailing list by entering your name and email address into the form on the right.  You’ll be notified by email when new articles and videos are published and will also receive my free report “Push The Button” as a gift.)  …