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I wanted to share another success story that will inspire you to reach your goals in 2013. Ahmed (or Mickey as he prefers to be called by friends and family) started working with me less than two years ago. During our time together he has made some absolutely astonishing progress. I won’t bore you with all of his many accomplishments but I wanted to share his two biggest ones…


Not only has Mickey lost over 70 kilos (155lbs) but he also met his dream girl and they are due to get married some time next year!  This just goes to show how dedication to a goal and a bit of hard work can transform your life in a very short time. Mickey truly is an inspiration to us all and he has finally (after a bit of coaxing) created a new facebook page and started a blog which you can check out here:


Now something else that’s inspiring for all the guys out there that think they need to be in perfect shape to attract a beautiful woman. Not only is Mickey’s fiance absolutely gorgeous but they started dating BEFORE he lost the weight. I’ve said many times that while it’s important for many reasons to be in shape, your social skills, ability to take action and belief in yourself as a man are far more important for attracting women than your physical appearance. If you had trouble accepting this in the past, well, here’s the proof.


Thanks again to Mickey for showing us all that ANYTHING is possible when your desire is strong enough. And if you’re ready to experience INSANE results like this, then go get yourself a coach for 2013.