A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with a former client who was back in town for a couple of days. Leslie’s story is pretty remarkable and I’d like to share it in the hopes it will motivate and inspire you.


Back when she came to me, Leslie was struggling through her fellowship at an NYC hospital. The daily hazing, the politics and the long, brutal hours took a serious toll on her energy and self-confidence. But to make matters worse, poor Leslie had an even bigger problem.


Even though she is a brilliant woman, due to her lack of strong test taking abilities, Leslie failed her final exam (the equivalent of the Bar Examination for surgeons) three times in a row. As a result, she was facing a huge dilemma: if she didn’t pass on the forth try, she wouldn’t be able to graduate which would leave her saddled with massive debt from her student loans and no way to pay them off. Needless to say, she was an emotional wreck.


Leslie’s dilemma proved to be a challenging case for me because, at the time, she didn’t believe it was possible to pass her test with only six weeks of prep time (most students need six months of straight study to get a passing grade). So we immediately went to work building up her confidence, allaying her doubts, crafting a study routine that worked with her hectic schedule and making sure she had ways to manage her emotional state whenever she experienced bouts of fear, overwhelm or hopelessness.


Fast forward six weeks later and I’m proud to say that Leslie aced her test and finished up her final classes without a hitch. And now that it’s coming up on two years since her big achievement, the latest is that her private practice is flourishing and she’s engaged to be married in the summer. Way to go Leslie! Hearing this great news had me beaming like a proud parent and I couldn’t wait to share the story with my community.


I’m hoping that Leslie’s struggle will inspire you to believe in yourself and realize that as long as there’s time on the clock, there’s ALWAYS a chance for a comeback. Never give up on yourself because you would be amazed at what kind of last minute victories you’re capable of pulling off. Leslie’s success is a great reminder of the inner greatness in all of us just waiting to be tapped into.


And just to kick up the inspiration factor a few notches, I’ve decided to share a few more success stories which have transpired over the last six months. Now keep in mind that a client doesn’t have to become a successful surgeon like Leslie to be worthy of mention. Anyone who overcomes a personal challenge, no matter how small, is a success in my book. My reasoning for this is simple: the secret to MASSIVE success in life is to keep building on small successes indefinitely. So go take that first step (no matter how small) and keep moving forward.


So here are a few more amazing individuals who have all displayed incredible courage, tenacity and strength of spirit. I’m incredibly thankful to be part of their lives.


(some names have been changed for reasons of privacy)


Todd, who has a history of being involved in abusive relationships, has finally found a partner who treats him with love and respect.


John has tremendously increased his confidence after transitioning to a new sales job and has increased his salary by over $40k.


Chris is finding himself much more calm, relaxed and confident around the women he is attracted to.


Teddy bested his old time in the NYC marathon this year by over an hour, managed to get his depression under control (he no longer takes antidepressants) and finally ended his three year dating dry spell.


Kathleen, who developed a phobia of singing in public when she was younger, was finally able to perform again in front of a crowd for the first time in ten years.


Steven, who worked for years editing films, is finally getting his chance to direct his first feature film (which has a three million dollar budget).


Rick has finally shaken off a severe financial setback that crushed him completely. After two years of chronic anger, shame and depression, he is now able to laugh and enjoy life again.


Trisha learned how to effectively manage her social anxiety, graduate from Columbia Law School with honors and secure a job working at the United Nations.


Max was able to overcome his crippling shyness and ace his interviews for the PhD program at Pepperdine University where he is currently working on his doctorate in psychology.


Justin’s company, Lux Naturals (which makes homemade soaps, lotion and candles), is currently Whole Food’s #1 top-selling bath and body company for the North East region. They are slated to expand nationally in 2012.


Lisa quit her job as a Zumba instructor to pursue her dream of opening a cupcake business.


Suzette was able to taper off her Zoloft (under her doctor’s supervision) after three years of being dependent on the medication.


Len, a senior level corporate executive, is now able to sleep through the night for the first time in years without relying on sleep aids.


Eddie won his ex-girlfriend back after making every mistake possible before reading my book.


Greg was able to reduce his facial tics by about 90% and discontinue the medicine (under his doctor’s supervision) he was using to keep them under control.


Ruben’s small business has almost doubled its profits this year. Ruben has also fulfilled his dream of writing, filming and starring in a short film which was accepted into four film festivals.


Sam finally began his first romantic relationship at the age of 25.


Carlos, a filmmaker, was able to overcome his challenges with public speaking and speak about his work confidently, both in front of a large audience and while being interviewed on one of the largest radio stations in South America.


And lastly, Rachel was able to taper off her Prozac (under her doctor’s supervision) after being dependent on the medication for over 10 years.


Once again, I’d like to express how wonderful it’s been to have coached these amazing individuals. I want to thank them for helping prove that my coaching methods flat out get results and, more importantly, for inspiring YOU to step up to the plate.




P.S. If you haven’t requested your free coaching session, than shoot me an e-mail and we’ll get you set up. I’d love for you to be my next success story.