To me, the spirit of Thanksgiving goes way beyond “awesome! a day off from work!”


It’s a time of reflection… of looking at your life in a different way.


For at least one day out of 365, tell that little voice in your head that’s always whining about what you don’t have and why things are so unfair to stfu…


…and instead hear another voice saying “holy crap… I’ve accomplished a LOT in my life” and “I’m VERY grateful for what I have.”


You might even want to remind yourself that no matter how bad your situation seems, there is someone out there who would trade places with you in a heartbeat.


One of my clients confessed she had a “selfish” reason for volunteering to help hurricane sandy victims…


“My life is so crappy right now, I need to be around people who have it worse than me.”


I think we all need to be reminded of this sometimes.


No matter how much crap life has dumped in your lap there are others out there struggling in ways you can’t even imagine.


So in this crazy time, when our elections, economies and natural disasters are stirring up so much negativity, hatred and fear….


…just remember that sh*t ALWAYS gets better.


The tide always turns… and eventually you will have forgotten all about what’s ailing you today.


So why not start now by placing your focus on something far more useful…


like gratitude for what you already have…


love for your friends and family…


confidence that you’ll make it through these tough times stronger and wiser than ever before…


and generosity towards those who have it worse.


Even if you’re flat broke, you can still scrape together $5 to donate to someone in need. Every little bit counts.


And it ALWAYS comes back to you. The universe never forgets.


So go enjoy this day with a new perspective. You can always go back to moping and whining tomorrow.


Or just maybe, you might want to hold on to this mindset for a while…


maybe even every day…. for the rest of your life.


Wishing you and your family the very best.


Happy Thanksgiving