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If you’ve ever bought (or considered buying) one of those “how to get rich quick” products, then keep reading because I’m going to show you how to make 8 million dollars or more in less than a week. And if that’s too slow for you, how about ten million in less than 5 minutes? Don’t believe it’s possible? Then let me prove it to you.


The above pic was taken right off my clickbank account. I use clickbank as my payment processor for my book, “Get Your Girl Back” ( which is why my account login ID is GYGBBOOK.


Pay attention to the areas I’ve circled. You can see exactly how much money I’ve made, the dates, the url, and the website authentication box which shows that the page is encrypted.


Now I know what you’re thinking… I somehow whipped this page up in photoshop and made a carbon copy of clickbank’s sales page. But I swear to God, I did not. In fact, it’s even easier than that.


I stumbled across a javascript code that you can enter into any url and begin making modifications on the page. I’m talking ANY page, be it clickbank, paypal, amazon, google adwords, etc.


With this code, it is ridiculously EASY for anyone to fake their earning reports. Now, faking a picture is one thing… but have you ever seen some of the guys who show you their earnings in a video – the ones who actually open up their paypal accounts and show you their stats? Well guess what… if they wanted to fake those stats on video, they can EASILY do so using this method.


Now, I’m not going to share the code because I don’t want to encourage anyone to be unscrupulous. But I do want to encourage you to be cautious as hell… especially when you’re about to spend money on a product that promises to make you money. Sure, not everything out there is a total scam, but when you come across something that looks too good to be true, it usually is, so just be careful.


By the way, since I’m now a cash millionaire, I’m gonna have to buy a huge house, just because that’s what you’re supposed to do. But I can’t decide if I should buy Britney Spears’ place in Malibu or if I should just build my own 50 bazillion dollar mansion. So please help me out by sending me a pic of the house I should buy. I’ll post the coolest ones up on the blog.


And don’t worry about the price. If I can’t afford it, I just have to work really hard for about five minutes and I’ll have more than enough. I love you, magic javascript code.


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Make it happen,


-Jay Cataldo