A couple of weeks ago I posted my top New Year’s Resolution strategies and urged all of you to start putting them into action. Some of you went ahead and sent in your plans for 2011 and I wanted to thank you for sharing. You guys think real big… I love it.

My awesome friend Jessica did a breakdown of her New Year’s goals and gave me permission to share. Jessica is a gorgeous and super-talented musician who’s focused on releasing her first album this year. Let’s take a look at her plans for world domination…


I hope you are feeling refreshed (4-6 hour exemption if you rang in the New Year with

a bang last night), renewed, and excited to start a brand new year!  I certainly am.

In fact, I started mapping out my New Year’s strategy 2-3 weeks ago in an attempt to

start January 1st on the best foot possible.  While preparing, I came across this

great blog by my friend Jay Cataldo called New Year’s Win or New Year’s Fail; a 10-

tip strategy for sticking with your Resolutions.

Using Jay’s tips, here are my Resolutions for 2011!

Tip 1: Write out your mission statement.

Ok.  I realize most people likely stick to one resolution, but I am a multitasker, so

I usually do 5.

#1: I will ramp up my music career (goal: release an album and achieve a sales

#2: I will make my health and fitness a priority (goal: lose 20 lbs)
#3: I will take better care of my home (goal: no more clutter! And at least 3 nights

at home)
#4: I will stress less (goal: regular yoga and nightly meditation)
#5: I will make a bigger effort to make my relationship stronger (not sure how to

define this in action yet)

Tip 2: Write out your plan.

I like planning – this is my favourite part!  Now, I won’t bore you with my time

lines and details (but I have made them!  And Jay Cataldo has them to help me with

Tip 4), but here are some of the measurable steps I have made:

1. To ramp up my music career: record an album by June 2011,  take guitar lessons to

feel confident jamming by December 2011, work on my knowledge of theory and take my

grade 8 exam in January 2012, write a business plan by the end of March 2011, get a

band together by May 2011, apply for music grants for September 2011 deadlines, find

a manager/booking agent by July 2011

2. To make health and fitness a priority: lose 20 lbs by March 2011, grocery shop

once per week, cook at home twice per week, work out 5 days per week, drink less

(twice per week max), smoke sheesha only on special occasions

3. Take better care of my home: spend at least 3 nights at home (combining cleaning

and cooking – bonus points), wake up by 9am on weekends to get more done in the


4. Stress less: consolidate activities to see more people at once, do yoga 1-2 times

per week, do nightly meditation

5. Forge a stronger bond with the bf: go to more of his soccer games (1 every 2 weeks

at min.), invite him to more of my music-related events and friends nights out

Tip 4: Find an accountability partner.

This is where this post gets a bit more interactive!  Now that you know where I’m

headed, I’m hoping you’ll help hold me accountable 🙂  Feel free to tweet me or leave

me a comment anytime to check in!  There will be monthly progress reports that will

appear in the blog, and I’ve also recruited Jay Cataldo and my lovely boyfriend to

keep me motivated.

Tip 5: Take at least one step towards your goal each day.

Post-it notes with mini goal stuck to my computer screen help me with this one!

Tip 8: Reward yourself.

Hm.  Ok, well, I love fashion and days at the spa!  So, I’m committing to setting

mini-goals that will earn me fun rewards!  In reality, just achieving these goals

will be a huge reward, but the fashion will definitely improve my rockstar image and

look hot on my smokin’ fit bod.  Sounds like extra motivation to me!

There are a few more tips, including #10: Never Give Up, but they’re of a more

personal nature so I’ve left them out of the post (but not out of my planning!).  So,

we’ll end here!  🙂

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

(you can check out Jessica’s blog here: http://jessicaspeziale.tumblr.com/)

Thanks, Jess. I know for sure you’re gonna make big things happen. And if you ever lose your motivation, both myself and all my readers, will be happy to whip out our paddles and help you get back on track. 😉

So have the rest of you written your plans out in this much detail? If not, then get cracking! Or I’ll have to hire THESE guys to kick your butt.