I came across this very interesting video prank on youtube that showcases an interesting quirk of human nature. It’s no surprise that women are highly likely to be attracted to “high status men” (professional athletes, movie stars, musicians, etc) and would typically jump at the chance to be courted by one of these guys. But is there a way for us “normal” men to flip on this pre-programmed female desire switch even though our reality tv show deal fell through the cracks? Keep reading…


This video shows what happens when a bunch of guys get together in a crowded mall and try to convince everyone that their friend is a famous celebrity. What’s funny to me is how all the girls go crazy for this guy even though he pretends to be a completely fictional person (Thomas Elliot from the Spiderman movies). Yet, they pull it off so well that nobody questions their ruse. At the end, a random girls passes him a note asking if he would like to take her out for drinks tonight. No conversation, no game, just the wonders of social proof and faux celebrity status working in his favor.


Now I know you’re thinking “B.S… it’s just a bunch of little kids in the mall. This would never work with adults, etc.” Truth be told, ALL women will subconsciously be drawn towards high status men, yet, you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire or a tv star to entice more hotties to look your way.


The easy alternative is to become a high-status male in just one particular group. For instance, the manager at your local Applebees may be dating some of the female servers who would ordinarily be out of his league. Yet, in that particular context, he is viewed as the alpha male and is likely to appear more attractive to the females on staff then he would if they met him outside of work.


Of course, if you don’t have the luxury of being anyone’s boss (or you’re smart enough to avoid any possibility of a sexual harassment suit) then think up some other contexts in which men act as leaders of a group. Someone has to be the leader/connector of your social circle who is the go-to-guy (or girl) for setting up the group meetups. You might have a friend who teaches cardio-kickboxing classes to the fit women at his gym.  Maybe your other buddy is the organizer of the local toastmaster chapter and is responsible for leading off each meeting and welcoming in new members.


Have I gotten the wheels spinning? Good. Now find a group that you can infiltrate and work you way up the ranks OR go out and start your own group from scratch. You can try meetup.com and start a meetup group for any interest or hobby you might have. If your passion happens to be running, you might want to start your own running group to help people train for marathons (or just to keep in shape). The possibilities are endless so get out there and get things moving.


Oh and before you do, you might want to watch that video. 😉