“Jay Is The Real Deal”

“As the host of ‘The Covino and Rich Show’ on Maxim Radio, I’ve interviewed many relationship experts. But Jay is the only person I turn to when I need advice about my own relationships.

This guy is the real deal and what he teaches can change your life.”

“I’ve Lost Over 200lbs & I’m Not Done Yet!”

“When I started working with you, Jay, I was just a few months out of a divorce. I wanted to win my wife back, had read your book ‘Get Your Girl Back’ and believed that is exactly what I wanted.

But I realized after working with you that what I needed was not someone else to fulfill my life but my own inner strength, confidence and happiness. It was a much greater gift than anything I thought I wanted when we started.

Jay, I can’t say enough about what you have done for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

“I’ve Lost Over 70 Kilos and Married My Dream Girl!”

“I have worked with Jay for months, and I have absolutely loved it. I was able to reach my goals because he is always there making sure to kick my butt to do awesome things! I definitely recommend his services to others around the world.

I still work with Jay, I truly believe that each one of us needs to have a coach. Someone who you would be accountable to. I have recently started to write articles, blogs and started coaching to share my weight loss experience with the world. I have lost 70 Kilos (155 lbs) so far and I’m still going strong. Cheers from Cairo.

P.S. I recently got married to the love of my life!”

“Exceptional human and coach!”

Jay is more than just a life coach, I consider him a great friend and mentor. He has given me some of the best advice that I have ever had, and he breaks things down into doable steps and makes things easy to understand. He will help you see with clarity and strength so that you can tackle your problems and overcome almost any obstacle. This guys is almost like a wizard, seriously.

“I Was Unsure About This From The Very Beginning”

“From the start I was hesitant to expose inner workings of my life to a total stranger. But I’m so glad I took the plunge. Simply stated, Jay is the real deal. During my journey of self-development I have not encountered anyone as trustworthy, intelligent and flexible as Jay. Jay gets it. He gets it every time. Period. Bottom line. End of story.

He has a great sense of humor that helps you relax and have fun with the process. He pays attention, he listens. He is the perfect coach to have in your corner. I am grateful for everything that Jay has helped me with.

Unlike other people I’ve worked with, with Jay you get the sense that your quest is just as his, as it is yours. This man wants to honestly see you succeed. He’s the real deal, a real human being that I’m glad I’ve had the privilege to meet. Even though this was new for me and didn’t know much about it, Jay made me feel secure from the beginning. He gained my trust and has it to this day.

Coaching has been instrumental in helping me deconstruct my previous mental limitations and understand the processes that rule everything about the reality I call mine. Everything has improved and I have better control over my thinking and reactions to life’s events to the point that I sometimes don’t recognize my old self anymore.

If you have what it takes, this man can, and will, help you improve your life. Just give it as much as he will give you and you’ll see the results. Do yourself a favor and see this man!”

“I Gave Up Alchohol and My Panic Attacks Disappeared”

Whenever you enter into a new scenario, or life situation you have a couple of choices in embracing the unknown. The first choice is to say ‘heck no’ and continue on living life the way it was and risk the inevitable of staying the same. Or you step out into the unknown and trust that this new journey you are on is going to help launch you into become the best version of you possible.

This describes my coaching journey. When I first started life coaching with Jay, I had absolutely no clue what I was walking into. Here I was on the other side of the world about to become scarily vulnerable with a person whom I never met. In my mind I tried to rationalize not going through with this process but deep down inside I knew it would be worth each minute of time, each dollar, and every emotion I was going to process through. Some sessions were easy, and well some were not. Most of the time I was left full of hope and peace, and honestly other times left me questioning my own personal beliefs I had come to know. But even this, was used to help me grow.

Specifically, the top three areas I was struggling with were severe panic attacks, drinking to numb and a lot of fear of failure and people pleasing. I will be honest and say that the methods Jay uses were not conventional to my grid or paradigm, however sometimes we need a little unconventionality to help get us free. I believe that one of the greatest strengths that Jay possess is being able to put himself in a relatable position in order to help a person rewrite their story so they are no longer bound by the old lies which had been plaguing them for years. Yes, I had done counseling and other forms of inner healing in the past and there were plenty of times where I thought “how is this going to be different?” Well, without going into details I’ll say this, it has been just over one year and issues that I had struggled with for years upon years have ceased from my life. I haven’t had a panic attack in almost 6 months, I turn down alcohol at parties because I don’t need it to function anymore and I’ve realized that failure doesn’t exist unless you give up trying.

I am indebted and extremely grateful my coach, mentor and someone I consider a friend. Jay comes with the highest commendation and recommendation from me.

“Coach for Top Performers!”

“Jay’s method of coaching motivated, strengthened and focused one of my sales representatives. After working to get her personal life together, her sales targets were met with ease as she secured new clientele at an increased turnaround rate. Jay was timely and professional, respecting our work ethic and goals as a company.”

“Coaching Isn’t For Me… I’m Not Broken”

“I initially saw coaching as something that you should only do if you have major problems – if your self-esteem stops you from leaving the house, for example. I saw coaching as something you do to fix a broken life. But now I genuinely think everyone should look into coaching. If nothing else, it makes a huge difference having someone impartial to give you a kick up the backside and say “why haven’t you done the things you said you were going to do?”

Jay brings ideas about psychology, nutrition, planning and so much more. I realized that putting a high value on my time makes me more, not less employable. I am a freelancer and my daily rate went from £50 to £500 in just a few months, because I learned to put a value on my time as well as my experience, as well as the importance to others that you put a value on yourself.

Also, the efficiency of life gained by following a very simple routine increased confidence in myself not only in the workplace, but around women, with friends etc. Oh, and did I mention I was able to break a world record for rock climbing? I am one of two people who have scaled the height of Mount Everest on an indoor rock climbing wall.

But back to Jay, not only is he a great motivator, full of inspiring ideas, and unafraid to kick you in the ass when you fall behind yourself, he’s also a great guy. I came to look on him as a friend I looked up to, someone I wanted to impress each week with what I had achieved. And that is what drove me to achieve as much as I did. I would absolutely recommend his services to others.”

“I Was Desperate and Willing To Try Anything!”

“Before working with Jay I was in many long-term relationships but they all had the same problem… ME!

It seemed like I kept sabotaging my relationships but no matter how hard I tried (and how many relationship advice books I went through) I couldn’t stop this pattern for the life of me.

When I finally sought out Jay for advice, I really didn’t expect him to be much help, but I was desperate and willing to try anything! Yet, after forcing myself to listen to Jay’s advice & practice his methods, I have been able to end my pattern of self-sabotage and create an ideal relationship with a partner who treats me exactly the way I’ve always wanted to be treated.

And after a couple of years of dating, he proposed to me! Thanks to Jay, I finally have the happy, secure and loving relationship I have always wanted. Take his advice very seriously. You’ll be glad that you did.”

“Nothing Short of Amazing!”

“What’s truly unique about “Get Your Girl Back” is that Jay has taken the most cutting edge ideas from psychology, persuasion and cognitive behaviorism and has effectively adapted them all with one goal in mind — to re-spark, re-attract and LOCK DOWN the girl that you have recently lost… this time for GOOD.

I’ve actually started using a few of his techniques to meet new women, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Be careful using this stuff though – although Jay is a warm, kindhearted and well-meaning guy who I would trust with my life, his material borders the classification of psychological weaponry. In other words, check yourself and use it at your own risk… you just may end up with a stalker for the rest of your life.”

“Everything In My Life Changed Dramatically”

“I started working with Jay when I was in the process of earning a certificate in coaching hoping that it would help me in my personal life.

My experience was amazing and much more than I expected. Jay’s guidance and positive approach helped me to overcome my bad habits and I became a much better person. I became a lot more assertive and much more organized. In fact, Everything in my life changed dramatically once I started working with Jay.”

“I Just Kept Getting Emotionally Weaker”

“It has been over six months since you helped me get my girl back, and I still can’t figure out the best way to thank you. Not only did your book work like magic, the relationship principles you teach have completely changed the way I interact with women. I still can’t believe how well everything worked! I just wanted my girl back, but what you got me was better. She came back, and we are rocking each-others worlds. Our endless daily fighting changed into a great relationship, with an occasional slip.

I still have a lot to learn about maintaining a great relationship, and if there is something I can’t figure out, you know I’ll be back to ask for more. The only regret I have is taking too long to read your book. No matter how many times I shared my fears with friends and family, I just kept getting emotionally weaker. But after reading your book, and especially after our phone conversation, I found the peace and strength I needed to stop acting insane and turn back into the guy my girl fell in love with the first time… The real me. Thanks again, Jay.”

“Free Products Just Aren’t Worth Anything”

“Hi Jay… your CD “10 Secrets To Creating The Ultimate Relationship” is thought-provoking and motivating! I was skeptical at first because you weren’t charging for it (how many free products are actually worth something?) but it really hit close to home, touching on relationship habits that I think we could all afford to break.

I’m only on week three of your coaching program but I’m already starting to see changes within my personal and business relationships. Thank you, Jay. You are an angel in disguise!”

“Own Happiness and Future”

“Jay Cataldo has given depth and inspiration to the positive thinking not only based around life events but circumstances, as well. He has given his readers the ability to own their happiness and future.

While focusing on well written messages, thoughtful exercises and quotes that inspire personal growth, “Push The Button!” touches upon topics that will help all individuals grow inter-personally and intra-personally. The references to Dale Carnegie, Ghandi, William James, Pastor John Maxwell, Jay’s friends and personal experiences etc create visuals of relating to the messages he is asking his readers to focus on.

Jay Cataldo’s beliefs, decisions and messages are ones of healing, self-reflection and ownership, which will lead to empowerment, life-long prosperity and emotional wellness. As a school psychologist, Jay’s teachings have led me to a deeper understanding of how most people view themselves and their circumstances. By pursuing his writings and spending time with him, I have gained a more vast comprehension of society as a whole, as well as myself as an individual.”

“Much-needed Male Insight”

“Jay’s much-needed male insight and dating advice for women is dead-on and real; he has a keen ability to speak to women on ‘our level’ and deal directly with our most pressing romantic dilemmas. Learning how to become the woman men want to commit to and marry is probably at the top of most women’s lists! Jay Cataldo provides that solution.”

“Fresh Perspective, Down-to-Earth Approach”

“Jay Cataldo is the real deal. His fresh perspective, down-to-earth approach and depth of understanding into the human spirit inspires men and women to be their best self in every relationship. If you’re really ready to transform your love life… LIVE BIG & LOVE BIG…order “10 Secrets to Creating Your Ultimate Relationship” & let Jay show you how!”

“Insightful, well diversified and promotes positive growth”

“Jay, I just finished reading “Push The Button!” and I have to say that I am very impressed. This piece of writing is insightful, well diversified and promotes positive growth and change in even the most successful. I enjoyed your vast knowledge and reference to monumental minds in history and today.

Your writing style evokes intelligence but is also friendly to all intellectual levels. I think the addition of exercises increases your audience’s involvement and belief in what you write and are promoting.”

On a personal note- I could relate to all that you have written and the various examples made a direct connection/visualization to help me remember all the information. As I read it- I thought of many people that would benefit so greatly from reading this. It then led me to think that the reader has to be invested in change to really absorb your messages and truly decide to create positive changes.”

“Deep understanding of the male/female dynamic”

“Jay Cataldo recently started writing a weekly dating-relationship advice column for me on www.scenebseen.com. He instantly attracted a following from my readers with his ease of approach to answering all types of questions, from the most common to the seemingly embarrassing inquiries.

Jay’s understanding of the male/female dynamic makes the most difficult scenarios attainable, with a fun and flirty style, which I personally love, and all his advice revolves around the fact that you are number one – love and respect yourself, and all that is healthy and loving will follow suit.”

“I Gained Freedom From My Controlling and Damaging Relationship”

“Jay helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. He not only offered insight and advice but gave me tools to work through the issue.

One of the biggest behavioral changes I’ve experienced as a result of working with Jay is the difference in the way I view myself in situations. Instead of feeling like a victim or like things are happening to me I have been able to see myself as in control and make things happen for me instead.

I looked forward to our coaching sessions every week – It was always a relief to get to talk to Jay. I appreciated his honesty and positivity. I saw a major change in the way I now view myself, not as a victim, but as someone who is very much in control of her own life.

Most importantly, I gained freedom from a controlling and damaging relationship and the confidence and tools to pursue my passions and start a business. I was finally able to use my skills as a personal chef to launch my own line of healthy foods!

I highly recommend Jay because he is an amazing life coach. He will help to guide you through whatever obstacles you are facing and provide you with the tools and skills to overcome them.”

“I Wanted A Magic Bullet”

“I met to Jay casually when I had big problems in my life. I was totally disoriented looking for a magic bullet that fix my problems miraculously. I was lost. With my clumsy written English (I don’t know to talk it well) I started to work with him, resisting the temptation of find that magic bullet. I did mental and physical exercises, some task and I read some specific texts that he sent me.

Jay always treated me with the true friend’s warmth and patience that worried by me. After few months I started to see everything in a more clear and positive way, and this was the basis for the cure of my fears. Sometimes I have vertigo when I see how I break my old behaviors and my old thoughts that limited my lifestyle. It’s difficult to explain it with words.”

“I Was Depressed And Didn’t Think Jay Could Help”

“Jay has been a tremendous help to me over the eight months that we worked together. I was diagnosed with depression over 10 years ago, and was sick of taking antidepressants because of all the unpleasant side effects. Jay really taught me invaluable skills to learn how to identify my negative thoughts, moods, and anxieties, and to not avoid them, but to face them through self-talk and other exercises.

It was difficult at first (I quite honestly thought it would be a waste of my time) but through Jay’s support and perseverance, I’ve been off antidepressants for eight months, I’ve been feeling great, and I know how to manage my thoughts and moods so that I don’t end up spiraling into negative states.

Jay also enabled me with the skills to meet and date multiple women, to overcome my fear of networking and public speaking, to go for a promotion at work (which I got), to finish the NYC marathon, to get a high score on the GMAT, and to get into a Top-5 MBA program.

I really can’t overstate how valuable my time has been with Jay. I don’t know if there’s a price that I can put on the amount of growth I’ve experienced and on the skills that he’s taught me.”

“We Built Almost $30,000,000 In New Business!!”

“When I first started working with Jay, I was simply looking for good coaching but my results were much better than my expectations. Jay’s insight completely changed my professional life and made me see things I hadn’t thought of in my entire professional career, and it was very easy.

I recently had a successful sales meeting with (name of company removed) as a result of the confidence I have gained in myself. In one year, we have built almost $30.0 million in new business! The best money I have ever spent was going to Jay and learning how to sell myself and my companies.”

“After 10 Years of Smoking, I’ve Finally Kicked The Habit!”

“Simply put, Jay changed my life. I was a diehard smoker for over a decade and had attempted to quit ten times to no avail. After being hypnotized by Jay, however, I can say with complete confidence that I’ve finally thwarted my addiction; from the moment I left his office I knew that I’d smoked my last cigarette.

And the fact that he provides a one-year guarantee speaks volumes. If you’re of the mindset to cease smoking and need a hand, do yourself a favor and reach out to Jay – he’s amazing.”

“You Will Understand Exactly What You Need To Do And Why”

“Jay is an awesome guy with an extraordinary story. He wasn’t always successful, confident, outgoing. He has his own personal history of extreme failure, shyness, and bad luck. But unlike a lot of people, he didn’t let all that overcome him. Instead, he overcame it through passion, diligence, and perseverance.

If you’re visiting his site or researching him, it’s because something’s not right and you want to make it better. Jay can relate and knows what that’s like because he’s been through it. But he also knows how to overcome it. And better yet, he’s a great teacher. He’s such an eloquent speaker and so good at explaining things that you will understand exactly what you need to do and why.”

“I Was Terrified Of Talking To Strangers!”

“I really enjoyed the coaching process. Jay’s style is very friendly and he puts you at ease right away. Through the coaching process I was able to overcome my shyness and fear of socializing (the thought of talking to a stranger terrified me).

With the help of Jay’s coaching I was able to increase my self-confidence and now I am at ease in almost any social situation! I am dating an amazing guy, I just started a new job where I have easily made friends and I have been doing more activities with friends during the weekends!! I am writing this after six months of finishing coaching so I know Jay’s techniques have helped me tremendously.

I think Jay is an amazing guy and he has helped me so much. He is professional, fun and friendly! I felt at ease at his sessions and Jay is always there to help you if you need advice via email.

While I was in the middle of my coaching program I ended up meeting a guy at work and dating him for a month. Jay helped me understand why he broke up with me and helped me get over him to the point where I was able to work with him daily without being upset. I didn’t start coaching to work on relationships but Jay helped me with that as well!”

“Most fulfilling transformations of my life”

“Dear Jay,

You have truly helped me into one of the biggest and most fulfilling transformations of my life and for that I am forever grateful. I am proud to have you be a part of my journey and I am grateful for all you’ve done and continue to do for me as I work to pursue my goals, dreams and aspirations. You are a true human being, a friend, a brother. Thank you!”

“I Was Convinced This Was All A Scam!”

“I was really skeptical about hiring a life coach and about all the promises that I read about on Jay’s website. Six months before I started working with Jay, I emailed him and he called me back and left a message, and I never called back because I really didn’t think he could help and felt like this could be a scam.

But six months later, I emailed him again and took his call, and he’s such a great talker and everything he told me sounded too good to be true. So I got off the call still very skeptical. But I thought to myself, that this was an opportunity to try something different…things I’ve done in the past haven’t worked before. Worst comes to worst, I spend some money and some time working with Jay, and it goes to waste. But if I work with him and put effort into what he tells me, then this could really start to change my life. I thought the potential benefits of great success outweighed the costs of time and money, so I signed up.

I can honestly say that Jay has lived up to my expectations and to what he says on his website and what he said to me during our first call. Hiring Jay is definitely something that is non-conventional, especially for someone like me who comes from a very conservative family. But extreme times and situations call for extreme measures, and I think if you make the choice that you want change and the choice to work at it, with Jay’s help, you can achieve the progress a lot faster and without the hiccups of experimenting on your own because he’s done the experiments himself and has worked with so many clients who have achieved their goals.

Since working with Jay I stopped taking antidepressants and have the skills to be more mindful of my thoughts and moods. I also have higher expectations of myself in terms of my career and of what I can achieve and have improved my social skills with women and people in general.”

“Getting Coached Was The Best Time And Money I’ve Ever Spent”

“I knew that if I really embraced coaching then I would get great results. I was in a really bad situation and knew I would need a big effort and major change to my mindset to make the changes that I need. Since working with Jay, I have definitely seen a great improvement in my attitude, skill-set and general ability to achieve all my goal. I am more optimistic and feel like I can accomplish any goal I shoot for. I learned not to be a perfectionist and to just go out there and accomplish whatever I want.

We have worked on all aspects on my life and was able to raise my standard of quality in every area (career, community work, dating, and socially). My time being coached was the best time and money I have ever used to invest in myself. The results are immeasurable and I am heading in the right direction with my life. Together with Jay I was able to raise and enjoy a greater standard of living which I could not have gotten on my own. I look forward with working with Jay again in the future.”

“Jay Takes A Very Real And Sincere Interest In His Clients”

“The most impressive thing about Jay is that he is not some big “guru” but just a normal guy with a lot of knowledge on personal development. Jay just stands out to me by the fact that he takes a very real and sincere interest in his clients. He goes out of his way to help people and I can tell you right now it is not about making a buck, he’s driven to help others and is more of a friend than anything else.

He’s like that cool older brother that you never had that can tell you exactly what you need to do to move forward. His breadth of knowledge is impressive and he’ll come at you from several angles to find out what will work best.”

“People Used To Walk All Over Me”

“It was a pleasure working with Jay. From the very start he gave me full confidence in the decisions I needed to make and the learning tools to give me the power to say NO! His energy is contagious and his insight is priceless. We worked together on a variety of things-from business start-up to relationships to saying NO and being in control of my decisions.

His attention to detail and his commitment to holding me accountable was incredible. I knew each meeting that I had to commit to making decisions, and following my plans to move forward. Working with Jay gave me the confidence, knowledge and mindset to now think, act and become a business owner.

Prior to meeting with Jay I was the type of person to please everyone, and in the end get walked on. Jay helped me say no, and put myself first. I am now in the process of opening my own business thanks to Jay as well as have a new view on life, my expectations and the level I hold myself accountable at. Thank you, Jay!”

“Jay Is An Absolute Miracle Worker!”

“I was at a point where I knew things needed to change and the only way this would happen was by getting an unbiased, male opinion about dating. I knew from the start to be open and willing to accept criticisms. But Jay was warm and welcoming since day 1 and I have yet to feel that any of our discussions have been harsh or critical.

Through working with Jay I now feel strong, confident and finally able to express my feelings without fear of criticism or blame. I feel empowered! I love that I’m allowed to vent about whatever issue is really bothering me during our sessions and Jay will then help me deal with it by providing great questions and meditative techniques to help re-shift my thinking. All of the changes I have experienced were created through encouragement and honest, matter-of-fact statements. I had also expected our meetings to focus only on dating but we discussed business issues, as well.

One of my family members had this to say about the changes I’ve made: ‘You seem more relaxed after starting with him, more comfortable with yourself, more willing to stretch yourself emotionally and just happier overall. Jay also gave you great insight into other dealing with others in social settings.’

Thanks to Jay, I feel like I have VASTLY improved my self-esteem and my communications with others, especially with the men that I date. I now feel much more control in my relationships because I no longer tolerate any rude or disrespectful behavior from men and I have a better eye for choosing those who are truly a good match for me. I am in a new relationship as we speak and it feels fantastic!

All in all, Jay is an absolute miracle worker and I feel that everybody absolutely must seek out his help with relationships, business advice and to just plain get unstuck. The way he sums things up in such a “no-nonsense-no-holds-barred-to-the-point” kind-of-way absolutely cracks me up and gets me refocused in no time flat. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting closer to the person that I really want to be thanks to Jay!! I’m so grateful that he’s in my corner!”

“I Was Able to Move On From My Ex-Girlfriend in a Healthy Way”

“With Jay’s help, I learned I can’t change the way other people think about me, all I can do is change myself for the better. Negative thoughts or thinking about an ex-girlfriend does not bother me as much anymore. I have new ways of thinking about them such that do not waste energy.

Jay’s process is open and friendly and promotes thinking about the problems faced. I realized the importance of having self-respect and the way it affects my outlook on life and how others perceive me. I also gained the ability to move on from my ex-girlfriend in a healthy way.

Finally, I realized the importance of having ambition and to focus on my own character; making small tweaks to my behavior that will eventually lead me to becoming an amazing and attractive person.

With each session I felt I was closer to my goal of moving on with my life after my breakup. Jay focused on the feelings that made me feel uncomfortable by challenging me to think of situations in the past that brought the feelings up. Through this process, we were to dramatically reduce the intensity of what I was experiencing so I could more easily move on from the breakup.

Essentially, he gave me the tools and perspective necessary in order to get my life back on track.”

“His Methods Sounded Like Pure B.S.!”

“Simply put, Jay is a genius. My girlfriend had recently broken up with me, and I had no idea how to get her back, as nothing I was doing seemed to be working. Luckily I found Jay and read his book “Get Your Girl Back”. I was very skeptical of his methods at first (they sounded like pure BS), but took the plunge and dove in, as I was willing to try anything.

I talked to Jay on the phone as well after reading the book, and it felt like I was talking to an old friend who truly cared and had my best interests in mind. And also an old friend that knows relationship dynamics like the back of his hand. Jay talked me through some of my issues and really helped me see the light. So I set out using his methods, and after less than a week of SDtT on my girl, she started going through every single phase that Jay said she would! He accurately told me each move she would make, and was with me through the process providing encouragement in the tougher times and congratulations in the good times.

Well, I got my girl back, and on my terms. I owe it all to Jay. He truly cares about people and has forever changed the way I will deal with women and relationships in such a positive way. I can’t thank him enough.”

“Like Me, All Of My Friends Were Skeptical”

“I read your “How to Get Your Girl Back” book a few months ago and it was amazing. It was definitely well worth the $60 price and more. The funny thing was though, after reading the book and waiting several weeks, I discovered that I no longer wanted my ex back and that there was really no benefit in going out with her other than her looks. You taught me that there is much more to a girl’s value than just her looks.

I’ve actually been able to help out a few of my friends from what I learned. Like me, they were skeptical at first but they became amazed at how true it all was. Thanks for helping me out with that milestone in my life. I feel like I am years ahead of others my age in terms of relationship experience. You’re an inspiration to me Jay and I hope that one day I’ll be able to help others as much as you have.”

“I Was Afraid I’d Have to Share Deeply Personal Things to Get Help”

“One fear I had was that I’d have to open up and talk about all these deeply personal things and then Jay still wouldn’t be able to help me. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The coaching process was very interesting because it focused more so on the present and the recent past instead of things that happened five years ago and so forth.

This made me more cognizant of certain things. I learned how to catch myself getting upset much faster than before. I’ve always had trouble with ‘if you feel like you’re getting upset count to ten.’ For example, I’d blow up before I’d even get a chance to think ‘1.’

I can now better catch myself and I differentiate between truly getting upset and just getting annoyed better. Certain things my sister does no longer upset me as much. As the process went on I became aware of that. Yeah she annoys me still but I’m not consumed with anger and rage like I used to be.

In general Jay had pretty profound things to say which gave me a lot to reflect on. I’ve heard the concept of ‘nothing anyone does that upsets you has to do with them it’s about something in you’ but something about the way Jay explained it really hit home for me.

The three biggest benefits I’ve experienced from my sessions are: to control myself when I’m getting angry, to dissipate negative feelings, and just being cognizant of certain things.

I would most definitely recommend Jay’s services to everyone. I just really liked his approach and he was very down to earth. I’m trying to convince my friend to come see him because he could really help her marriage out tremendously.”

“Everything I learned was so useful”

“Jay, I want to deeply thank you for your textbook that you wrote (Get Your Girl Back). Everything that is in that book is so true and your system or how you actually think about the issue has made me successful with woman in general. I meet one of my previous ex-girlfriends this summer and this time I was prepared and everything that I learned was so useful for this purpose. Thank you again!”

“My Last Experience With A Life Coach Was Not Very Pleasant”

“My last experience with a life coach was not very pleasant but meeting with Jay was such a refreshing and positive experience. I felt completely comfortable with him the whole time and I enjoyed the genuineness and openness of jay’s style. I enjoyed my weekly meeting and looked forward to going. The biggest benefits I experienced were confidence and a sense of peace in my life and I learned how to finally give myself a break. “

“A successful medical practice in addition to healthy and satisfying social relationships”

“After working with Jay I can now see when my brain gets stuck in negative thought patterns (it’s much easier for me to recognize the cycle). Now when I sense it happening, I take the time to think positive thoughts or try to remember facts that directly refute whatever the negative thoughts were. This overall helps me to feel better. I have applied the techniques that Jay taught me to all areas of my life and I’m proud to say that I have a successful medical practice in addition to healthy and satisfying social relationships.”

“Just Had To Let You Know I Got My Guy Back!”

Hi Jay,

Thanks so much for your reply. I wasn’t really expecting a reply from you personally, rather from one of your team, so I was surprised and delighted.

I bought, and have been listening to your ‘Get your girl back’ program. Actually, it’s get your Guy back for me, but I’m guessing and hoping we work in reasonably similar ways for these things!

Anyway, I think it’s fab. So helpful, and stopping me going around the bend, begging, shouting etc etc.

I work as a midwife and a teacher here in England and after I listened to your material, I was so bowled over by how helpful it was I put your website onto two other people in the first week (and that’s only so far). The first was a colleague (we’re both in our late forties) who had been struggling with an on off relationship for 4 years. She completely changed her tactics and her relationship followed, and she has been amazed and delighted.

And then a young student of mine, just 19yrs, was dumped and devastated by her boyfriend of 3 years, and getting and listening to your material saved her sanity and shortened her suffering by months I feel sure.

I just couldn’t believe how helpful your stuff was/is to us all. The 19year old, who was obviously experiencing her first go at heartbreak poor thing, was in my classroom in a complete state of panic, crying, obsessing, not eating, not sleeping etc etc. I didn’t try to get her to listen to my lesson, I just sat her in the corner with a pair of headphones and you on the computer. She only had time to listen to 2 tracks and left in a state of complete calm.

She may or may not get her boyfriend back (they are very young and it’s probably not meant to be a forever thing), but the way you explain the feelings makes you feel completely normal, and as if it’s just a part of life that can be survived and learnt from. Really excellent.

P.S. Just had to let you know ‘I got my guy back’. Thanks. It took 11 weeks, but my this self control thing is a really tough nut to crack…. and I’m sure you would tell me that it doesn’t end here!”

“I Had to Get Over My Skepticism Regarding the Overall Process and Its Effectiveness”

“I initially had to get over my skepticism regarding the effectiveness of Jay’s process, but I was quickly able to gain insights into my feelings and behavior.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is that I am no longer afraid of experiencing certain emotions. I learned how to better understand and validate my feelings and how to more easily face my fears, and I’m experiencing an overall feeling of accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend Jay’s coaching services to everyone! I was able to see a dramatic results within a short amount of time and believe anyone could benefit from his coaching approach. I’m very thankful that I was able to take part in this process and that it really worked for me.”

“More organized and more able to focus on launching my online business”

“Jay helped me become more organized and more able to focus on launching my online business. I liked how our sessions seemed to have purpose but we were very casual and there was no pressure to rush from one objective to another. I found our sessions very effective and specific to my needs. I would recommend Jay’s coaching to others and I, in fact, I already have.”

“I feel that I am again in control of my life”

“I really enjoyed the time I spent working with Jay. He is very energetic and insightful and provided me with the tools to overcome the challenges holding me back. Through our work together and my introduction to the process of EFT, which I continue to utilize, I have identified and treated many of the root emotional blocks connected with my addiction and negative behaviors. For the first time, in a long time, I feel that I am again in control of my life and am working daily to live it to its fullest potential. I highly recommend Jay and am truly grateful for what he has brought to my life.”

“Business is going unbelievably well”

“I cannot thank Jay enough for all his help. I went to see Jay because I was having difficulty getting my financial services practice off the ground. He helped ease my fears of the variety of problems that could occur with starting my own business. I did exactly what he told me to do and almost six months later, business is going unbelievably well, all thanks to Jay.”

“Jay helped me to channel the negative emotions”

“I was going through a lot of problems with a work partner and the rage and anger I was struggling with prevented me from achieving my business goals. Jay helped me to channel the negative emotions I was experiencing and after five or six sessions my negativity was brought under my complete control. With a clear mind, I was able to resolve my long-term difficulties with my partner and now I’m finally starting to reach a level of success that is satisfying to me.”

NOTE: the following essay was submitted as a college homework assignment by one of Jay’s clients

Cherished Experiences

The choices we make in life determine the people we become. It takes time to have a true cherished moment turn into an experience that you will never forget. Thinking of that memory will stick in your mind as a milestone to carry on forever. Special moments are what make an individual enlightened to move on to their next journey.

In my life, it took me a long time to accelerate to my full potential at the same pace as everyone else. I had a hard time focusing on certain important aspects until I met a person who changed my life dramatically. This person is my life coach, Jay Cataldo. He has transformed me in many ways, leading to liberating moments starting from the bottom where I was lost and striving for help. With his guidance, I have been able to develop greater self-confidence and self-efficacy.

It all started when I was lucky enough to acquire the internship of a lifetime. I’ve always wanted to be in fashion public relations, and being the stubborn individual I am, I thought careers would be handed to me if I was in the right place, at the right time. I didn’t like school very much because I didn’t know how to look at it as an opportunity to further my scholastic ability. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find an internship position after a rocky start to my college experience. When I met my boss, she said I was well suited to public relations because I was extroverted and optimistic. Even though I’ve always had difficulty staying on task throughout my life, the internship taught me a lot about time management, setting goals, and reaching them.

My boss introduced me to her life coach, who was able to help her maximize her potential in public relations. In turn, I thought it would be beneficial for me to seek help from him, as well. There comes a time when too much of something is enough. I didn’t want to just “get by” anymore. I knew I was better than that. I put myself down a lot thinking I didn’t have what it takes. For some reason I was never confident enough and cared too much what others thought of me. There is no reason to think that you’re not “good enough” because it brings you down and my life coach Jay helped me see through this ridiculous thought.

When I first started sessions with Jay, we went over many goals I wanted as well as problems I’ve been having. One of the first issues was my hives. I’ve had hives for over two years, and many doctors have not been able to figure out their cause. Jay and I talked about many of the hard emotions I experienced while growing up that I kept bottled inside of me. Many of these emotions came from the feeling of low self-esteem. At one point, my body couldn’t take the underlying emotions trapped inside of me, and my skin began to break out in hives on a daily basis. Whenever I would discuss an upsetting moment with Jay, I would break out in hives ten minutes later.

Jay introduced me to an interesting technique called “EFT” that really helps calm me down. This technique is a process of tapping on certain parts of my body to release the negative emotions without the onset of frustrating hives. It has helped diminish my hives a lot because I have learned that instead of holding stress inside your mind and body, you should let it free. I now talk out my issues in a proper manner or express my emotions to others when they say or do things that hurt me.

Many of my hive moments also came from the stress of school and the pressure of staying on target. I never studied the correct way because I thought partying was the only way to enjoy time. I would rush through assignments and rarely study in an efficient manner. What I learned through Jay that is if you do your work first, you can enjoy the spontaneous, deserved moments of “partying” afterwards.

He also gave me hypnosis tapes for procrastination that I listen to every night. I quickly noticed a drastic change in my ability to focus. I started to enjoy doing work and would not go out unless I completed all of my assignments. I learned to keep everything organized and studied in advance to stay on top. I was coming to a point where I enjoyed classes and I also had more knowledge to contribute during conversations with people. I learned that simple communication can be very enjoyable, instead of partying and forgetting the important lessons you might have learned by having an intelligent conversation.

After a couple of months of seeing Jay, my family even noticed their crazy child was much more determined to do well. School started again and I was more than ready to take on my work with confidence. Not only did my parents see a change in me, but my friends did as well. I started to see through many of them and how they took on life. I wasn’t going out partying anymore during the week, but instead, staying in to do homework. They almost looked down on me for that and made me feel bad. My friends were not used to this coming from someone who didn’t take school seriously. But nothing was going to hold me back. I realized that many of them weren’t true friends and didn’t appreciate the importance of a good education. I realized that when I eventually completed school with my new life outlook, one day I would be at a higher level than everyone else.
It was hard for a short time to get used to not seeing certain friends, but I knew I would find other friends whose values were similar to my new ones. It was a fresh start and path that was changing me, making me feel prepared to take on anything. I looked back on many of the things I did and was astonished about how I did them in such immature ways. To that end, my most rewarding experience was earning a high mark on an exam that most of the class failed.

I’ve never smiled so much. All of my newfound conscientiousness and appreciation for learning has finally paid off. I never knew how good it could feel to excel in school. From that moment on, I’ve taken everything in school more seriously, and I’ve felt empowered by my ability to do well when I put in the time and effort. I’ve learned that you get what you work for, and there’s no way I would ever take for granted the positive influence that Jay has had on my life.

Sometimes it takes longer for others to reach a point in life where they catch themselves from the distracting world around us. Organization is the key to success and even if you need a secret little push to open your door, it’s so worth the rewards that can come to you. These rewards are created by what you put forth in life and from them, many more doors will open and allow you access to a world of endless possibilities.

“It All Seemed Too Good To Be True!”

“As cliché as it may sound, coaching with Jay has changed my life. I am relatively optimistic by nature, but still had my doubts as to whether the coaching process would work on me, and whether the investment would be worth it (all the testimonials & information on Jays website seemed too good to be true).

All I can say is that everything that Jay says on his website is TRUE, plus so much more. I felt confident in Jay from the first initial session. For the first time in a long time I felt understood, and reassured that Jay could support me in getting from where I was to where I wanted to be.

Jay actually got me. His confidence in me and in my ability to change was contagious. I felt empowered from my very first conversation with Jay. And as a result, I have changed my life, and I have achieved a level of success, both personally and professionally, that I never thought I would ever see happen in this lifetime.

Things I have talked about doing for years, have actually become my reality. Goals that I have been wanting to achieve for ten years, I achieved with Jay in less than twelve weeks. The coaching process is far from effortless, but the results have rocked my world, and been extraordinarily rewarding. I am eternally grateful for Jay and just writing this makes me teary.

The coaching process addressed every area of my life. Jay truly sets you up to win. His intent is not for you become reliant on him, but rather to teach you the tools and strategies so that you can become completely self-sufficient (and self-sufficient I am). As a result of the coaching process, I developed a greater self-awareness of myself (this is priceless). I was able to turn all my goals, dreams & AHA moments into ACTION. I learnt how to feel and how to let go. I learnt the tools for managing my emotions. I learnt so much from Jay about the world of health & nutrition. Jay taught me cutting edge business & marketing strategies. The list could go on forever.

Jay is a tree of knowledge. He not only knows his stuff but he generously wants to share everything he knows with you. So selfless, and so giving. I truly believe one of my biggest reasons for creating so much change in my life in such a short time, was a direct result of Jays belief and confidence in me. I felt this in every session with Jay, I felt genuinely cared for, and supported every step of the way!

I dealt with ten years of suppressed emotions in a matter of weeks. I have learnt to be honest with myself, to trust myself, to listen to my body & to be nice to myself. The tools Jay gave me have successfully helped me manage my emotions and take control of my life. I am weeks away from launching my own business (a ten year dream of mine) and to think I was actually going to give this dream up prior to working with Jay. I truly believe that it will be successful, and that as a result I will be able to help other women, just like Jay has helped me.

I got my groove back, plus so much more. I feel so alive. I feel so happy. I feel free. I have so much energy. I have fallen back in love with life again. I feel like the 18 year old version of me all over again – only so much better! I never thought I would feel this way again but I do, and I’m loving every minute of it!

My only regret about working with Jay, is that I didn’t start ten years earlier! Hands down the greatest coach you will ever meet or work with!”