Jay Here…

You’re reading this because there’s something missing from your life. Something you know, deep down, would truly fulfill you.

Maybe it’s an amazing relationship, a rewarding career, or the courage to chase your biggest dream.

I’m sure you’ve made some progress towards your goal. But along the way, you were tripped up, lost your footing, and slammed into an invisible wall. Hard.

You tried your best to move forward but the frustration was unbearable. So you decided to take a break.

You promised yourself you’d eventually get back up on the horse. And you kept that promise.

Whenever a burst of motivation shows up, you jump back into the fight – ready to smash through every obstacle in your way.

But those nasty hurdles keep on coming… the ones that twist your stomach up in knots and completely paralyze you, again and again.

You notice so many others enjoying the things you want. So you decide there must be something wrong with you.