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Your Investment
Hourly Rates & Policies:
  • Jay will explain his pricing structure and payment options during your introductory session after he determines the best coaching package for you.

  • A percentage of fees collected will be donated to help support MND/ALS research -ALS is commonly refered to as "Lou Gherig's Disease"

  • You can pay as-you-go, or choose a heavily discounted pre-paid package option. Your package options will also be explained to you during your introductory session

    so you can select the best choice for your individual needs.
  • Sessions range between 30 and 50 minutes

  • While you can expect to notice powerful changes in your thought patterns and behaviors in as few as 3-6 sessions, the longer you work with Jay and the more effort you put into the process, the more comprehensive and lasting your results will be.

    Coaching should not be considered a quick fix but a long-term, permanent solution to any challenge you are facing.
Your Sessions Will Consist Of:
  • An Extensive Intake Form Evaluation which must be filled out prior to your consulation. After reviewing it, Jay will only decide to take you on as a client if he feels confident that he can help you achieve your desired results.

  • Jay offers in-person sessions (in NYC), phone sessions or webcam sessions via Skype. Skype is a software program that allows you to work with Jay over your computer with no toll charges. You will need speakers and a microphone (and a webcam for the optimal experience) to use this software. If you do not want to purchase these items, you can inquire about your other options, such as phone or in-person sessions.

  • Appointment times are valuable and irreplaceable, so we do have a cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule a session, please let us know 24 hours in advance to avoid being billed.

  • We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.
Phone/Webcam Sessions:

For those of you who don't live in the NYC area, phone/webcam sessions are a great option. You can conveniently work with Jay from the comfort of your home or office. These sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.

Jay's Guarantee:

"Because the results of coaching lie within the actions and ultimately the work done by the client, it would impossible and unethical of me to guarantee results. However, I fully and completely guarantee my services, which means that I will give you all the strategies, tools and support you'll need to be successful while holding your hand throughout the entire step-by-step process. If you're ready to truly commit to the process and allow yourself to be coachable, then results are inevitable. If I truly feel that I won't be able to help you succeed, I simply will not take you on as a client." - Jay Cataldo CH, CMT

Confidentiality Guarantee:

Your information, correspondence and private conversations will always remain 100% confidential and safely guarded.

Note from Jay: "I am not a licensed health care professional but I truly care about the well-being of my clients. My goal is to help everyone live a happier, more empowered life. Please contact me if you have any questions about my services or fees."

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What People Are Saying
Steve Covino, Maxim Radio “As the host of ‘The Covino and Rich Show’ on Maxim Radio, I’ve interviewed many relationship experts. But Jay is the only person I turn to when I need advice about my own relationships. This guy is the real deal and what he teaches can change your life.”
-Steve Covino, Maxim Radio
Peter Frumenti “I've lost over 200 pounds and I'm not done yet!”
-Peter Frumenti, Butte, MT
“Simply put, Jay is a genius.”
-RF, Denver, CO
Ahmed Roushdy “I've lost over 70 kilos and started my own coaching company!”
Ahmed Roushdy, Cairo, Egypt
“In one year, we have built almost $30.0 million in business! The best money I have ever spent was going to Jay and learning how to sell myself and my companies.”
Sabrina Rodriguez, M.S. “Even with all my professional training (I'm a psychologist), I still count on Jay's guidance to have a successful life. I often wonder if I would be in such a content place if I didn't have his constant support.”
-Sabrina Rodriguez, M.S., NYC
“Jay enabled me with the skills to meet and date multiple women, to overcome my fear of networking and public speaking, to go for a promotion at work (which I got), to finish the NYC marathon, to get a high score on the GMAT, and to get into a Top-5 MBA program.”
-John, NYC
<Melissa G “Goals that I have been wanting to achieve for ten years, I achieved with Jay in less than twelve weeks. I am eternally grateful for Jay and just writing this makes me teary.”
-Melissa G., Sydney, Australia
Tom Lancaster “I am a freelancer and my daily rate went from £50 to £500 in just a few months, because I learned to put a value on my time.”
-Tom Lancaster, London, England
Jesse Ali, Tokyo, Japan “Not only did your book work like magic, the relationship principles you teach have completely changed my life.”
-Jesse Ali, Tokyo, Japan
“I highly recommend Jay and am truly grateful for what he has brought to my life.”
-Kevin, Wycoff, NJ
Yael Ratner “Jay’s guidance and positive approach helped me to overcome my bad habits and I became a much better person. I became a lot more assertive and much more organized. In fact, everything in my life changed dramatically once I started working with Jay.”
-Yael Ratner, Israel
Melissa Dobroshi, Mahwah, NJ “Thanks to Jay, I finally have the happy, secure and loving relationship I have always wanted. Take his advice very seriously. You'll be glad that you did.”
-Melissa Dobroshi, Mahwah, NJ

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Jay Cataldo Life Coaching

304 Park Avenue South

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