As a writer, I’m always looking for ways to pump out interesting content as quickly as possible. Since I sometimes have a tendency to slack, having a set of productivity tools at my disposal comes in handy when the ideas just don’t seem to be flowing.


One of the tools I started using is something called “Rack and Write” by Alexis Dawes. It’s a free online program that lets you plug in a set of keywords related to your niche, hit a button and get over 1,200 possible topics to write about. It looked pretty cool so I decided to try it out. Here’s what I plugged in:


Person 1 (who’s reading the article?):  “Women”

Person 2 (somebody PERSON 1 interacts with): “Girlfriends”

The Action (verb, something PERSON 1 might do): “Strengthen”

The Action 2 (verb, add ‘ing’ to this one – like ‘walking’): “Loving”

Thing (noun, something that PERSON 1 might use, create or have): “Relationships”

Thing 2: “Love”

Place (location of importance to PERSON 1): “Home”

Place 2: “Bedroom”

Problem (3-4 word description): “Boyfriend is acting distant”


So… while it listed a few good titles such as, “Five Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Lying To You” and “10 Steps For Getting The Relationship Of Your Dreams,” the program spat out a few “unusual” ones  that I would have never thought of myself. In fact, I’m convinced that the world is waiting for me to write about these topics.


This is where you come in. Please help me choose from the following list and let me know which articles I should start working on. Post your picks in the comments section below.


  • Do It Yourself Loving
  • 5 Ways to Pay for Love
  • Love Just Isn’t For Amateurs Anymore
  • Relationships Or Love – Which One is Really Right For You?
  • The Fastest Way to Make Money With Your Loving
  • How to Create a Great Looking Relationship in 1 Hour or Less
  • Saving Money on Your Relationships Bills – 5 Tips for Frugal Living
  • Your Women Can Actually Help You Increase Your Wealth
  • Understanding Why Women Charge What They Do
  • 5 Ways Your Relationships Can Pose a Serious Health Risk
  • How I Always Get the Most Out of My Girlfriends
  • All Natural Remedies for A Distant Boyfriend
  • Why Building Your Own Relationship is Better Than Buying or Outsourcing
  • How to Rule Your Women Without ______
  • Learning to Manage Your Women Online
  • 5 Items You’ll Need Before You Buy Love
  • How the Pro’s Make a Full-Time Income Doing Part-Time Loving
  • 5 Ways to Not Let Loving Hurt Your Budget
  • 10 Examples of Excellent Love Constructed in 1 Hour or Less
  • The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Buying Love


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-Jay Cataldo